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Photography & Drone Pilot Media Job Opportunity - art / media /...

City: Minneapolis / st paul
Date: 14 Oct 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

Real estate photography position open - interviews starting now. We have very steady bookings and need a full time photographer to help with the increase in business.

We are VRX Media, Founded by Real Estate Pros for Real Estate Pros, and you can find out more about us at We are a real estate visual marketing service company providing state of the art 3D tours, HDR photography, Drone photography/video. We have service Media Techs operating in a total of 50 metro areas serviced across the USA.

What is VRX looking for:
- An experienced photographer
- Ability to learn how to efficiently operate all services within the core VRX Media offerings (3D tours, Drone & HDR photography). - Check out our website: for examples.
- Someone with excellent customer service and business professional communication skills.
- A Canon T5 camera (or better, we recommend the 70D) with a wide angle lens (10-22mm wide lens) or comparable camera and lens with the ability to shoot in HDR.
- DJI Mavic Pro drone (willing to be FAA certified)
- A Theta Z1 360 ($1,100) for capturing real estate in a 3D model - compatible with our Matterport account.

What would your typical responsibilities be?
- we have a live booking system on our website. Agents, owners, property managers, etc. book online. You get a text and calendar update for the job. You show up, shoot and or scan the job. Upon returning from your workday, you would combine HDR shots (in our provided program), resize, and upload the files. We process everything for next day delivery. On to the next day.

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