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Web/Mobile Developer - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Portland
Date: 14 Oct 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

Hiring great people is difficult, and hiring great people right now is... also difficult. But that’s not going to stop us from trying. And so, without further ado...

Emberex is looking for an experienced web/mobile developer to join our team. This is not an entry level position - you need to already know how to be a professional developer, which means that you’ve actually been a professional developer. We’re not listing a specific minimum number of years of experience, because everybody is different - but we do know that zero years is not enough. (We do sometimes hire entry-level developers, we’re just not interested in doing that right now.)

We build and maintain a variety of web and mobile applications, mostly related to online education and research projects. We do a lot of stuff with React and TypeScript, as well as some php or whatever makes sense for the project. We like MySql and PostgreSQL. We use a lot of frameworks and libraries. Sometimes we build progressive web apps or native iOS/Android apps.

We’d love it if you already have experience with some of these technologies - especially React - but we understand that great developers will quickly learn whatever they need to know to get a project done.

You’ll work on a team with other developers, digital designers, QA analysts and a couple of people who mostly just make sure everyone else knows what they’re supposed to be doing. You’ll spend most of your time writing code, sometimes by yourself and sometimes with your teammates.

We have an office in downtown Eugene that’s usually full of smart, creative people, lots of tasty snacks, and sometimes a dog. In normal times, we sit close together, making it easy to communicate and collaborate - but these days, not so much. Instead, we rely pretty heavily on Zoom and Slack, even more than we used to. Sometimes we work at home, and when we’re in the office, we keep our distance.

We use a ticket tracking system and code repositories. We review each other’s code and talk about edge cases and alternate solutions, balancing technical considerations with business needs.

When you’re not writing code, I guess you might just wander around your house clearing your head or searching for snacks. And if you find yourself in our office looking for something to do, you might get caught up in a game of ping pong, foosball, darts, or Golden Tee. Or you might settle into a couch in a quiet room that’s named after a movie. Maybe you’ll be clawing your way into playoff position in fantasy football or discussing this new sports thing they call “bubbles.”

Starting wage depends on experience. In addition, you’ll receive benefits including health, vision and dental insurance, paid time off, a yearly bonus, matching 401k, and more. And someday we’ll start having in-office massages again - there’s just so much to look forward to!

If you want, you can check us out at And if you’re interested in the job, please submit a cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

And finally, three important notes:

* A note about location: Things are weird right now. We’ll work with you to figure out the best way to get you up to speed and integrated into our team. And when things get back to normal, we’ll probably want you working in the office with the rest of us.

* A note about cover letters: We’ve seen a lot of them - some good, some bad. We like the good ones. It’s your first chance to show us you’re the kind of person we’d like to have on our team. Tell us about yourself, relevant stuff that will help convince us to talk to you, stuff we won’t see in your education and job history.

* A note about resumes: We’ve seen a lot of them, too. We like to be able to quickly understand what’s included. Organization is important. Writing about yourself in the third person is weird.
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