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Full stack (Backend focus) Developer - Growing to Tech Lead -...

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 14 Oct 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

Looking for Tech Lead

Do you know that we are the most connected yet feeling most lonely generation in the entire human history?! Every single moment, we are facing choices, of either feeding fear/ego or choosing love/gratitude; being flooded by information outside or looking inside of what truly important to us. The danger is if we don’t choose, we are chosen. In fact, most of us, are on this conditioned “comfortable” auto-pilot state. Numerous studies have shown that what truly makes us happy are 2 facts: gratitude and meaningful connections, yet very few researches have done about what truly generate genuine gratitude.

Have you watched recent documentary "The social dilemma" on Netflix? Let's talk and work on this solution!

Chances are, you are working on goals of improving people’s lives. One of my very well-respected friends once said: “I had the opportunity changing millions of people’s lives working with Steve jobs at Apple. Yet it didn’t make me love myself till I learned about what I am and why I am here.” Would you like to grow together?

Is there a magic bullet that can bring lifelong fulfillment? What truly shape our life and elevate our collective consciousness? What is there to capture in these ever-changing moment to moment?

Here is my invitation to you: We can together create this treasure box for people to turn their ordinary moments into magic. To ultimately practice and increase their insights-action loop of self-trust and self-compassion, which is the heartbeat of every single relation.

We are looking for technology lead. I am curious to know about you:
• Your view of who you are. How would you describe your life when you are 90 years old?
• What is the anchor for you to make important decisions and take actions?
• Facts and examples of your strong technology background. Full stack web developer is a good start, 5 years experiences of app development, especially IOS is preferred. More importantly, your ability to learn fast and how resourceful you can be to make things happen, in what speed?
• What is your opinion of accountability and responsibility?
• 1-2 reference who were or are your direct co-worker/employer.

Please contact me directly if you feel the calling. And I am excited about what we about to create together.

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