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I want a young Latina girl for my YouTube channel - tv / film /...

City: Los angeles
Date: 14 Oct 2020
Category: TV / Film / Video

Hi I’m Zeke
I please need a nice friendly kind
Latina girl to help me get my
YouTube channel noticed
I please need you to be sincere safe
healthy drug free benevolent
And with a clean record
For payment I offer free residence
In my beautiful house
That includes front and back yards
Filled with fruit trees
Jacuzzi giant tv Hulu Netflix Gaia
Amozon prime
Free WiFi
Also I will share with you
Fair percentage of profits
from our success

Almost everything people do
Is their way of dealing
With the pain in their hearts
From their past
Specially from childhood

I have become proficient
In very effective healing modalities
That I teach fellow souls
To help us all
And let go of our pain
Our traumas
Ineffective behaviors
And limiting beliefs

If you can share this same
Intention with me
And without
Any other
Malicious or
Unwholesome agenda

Then please contact me



In the subject line

And send a picture

And your intention

Thank you ☺️

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