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Social Media Food Content Writer - writing / editing / translation -...

City: North jersey
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

HOW TO APPLY: Please send us captions of the food photos provided in this ad and your Resume. Please send us your offer.

First Photo: Crab Cakes
Second Photo: Lemon Shrimp
Third " ": Tuna Tartar
Fourth " ": Mimosa
Fifth " ": Hot Cheetos chicken wings

About Us:
We are a fun digital media agency that specializes in restaurants and as we are expanding, we need a social media content writer to create creative captions for our client's accounts!

Content Writing Creation Requirements

1.Create creative daily posts and schedule them two weeks in advance on Facebook Studio for Facebook and Instagram. (around 30 posts a month)

2.Create content that is straightforward, witty, and descriptive. Always mention the name of the menu item. Please match the name of the menu item directly to the official name on the menu itself and do not go off of the name the photographer names it on the photo.

3.Create content surrounding holidays/special days that are appropriate to the brand, eg: national pizza day, national pepperoni day.

4.A good rule of thumb is the “80/20 rule” which is 80 percent creative content and 20 percent call to action, eg. “Come in today!”

5.Never mention hours of operation or weather in posts.

6.For Facebook, add an appropriate call to action bitly link underneath the caption but do not make it sound promotional. Eg. “Reservation link: *insert reservation bitly link*”

7.On Instagram posts, after the creative caption, put 5 * in a vertical line and add all hashtags from the appropriate folder. In addition, add 5 extra hashtags that are consistent with brand voice.

8.Make sure you triple check your work for any errors and also make sure that the menu items in your post match the menu items in the menu

9.Check the graphics folder for any graphics created for specific holidays and post these for the appropriate day(s)

10.On Instagram tag the location of the restaurant in the location tag
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