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Freelance SEO Telehealth Writer Needed for Well-Established...

City: San diego
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

The Telebehavioral Health Institute ( is the leading disseminator or telehealth news for the behavioral community worldwide. With a very active blog and a mailing list of 400,000 professionals, it is a cornerstone of the telehealth professional community and operates a website with an authority score of 60.

TBHI seeks 1-3 writers who are able to deliver high-quality, keyword-rich blog posts on schedule with no additional editing required. Skillful SEO writing to include 2-4 primary and secondary keywords or phrases for every blog post.

The Jobs(s)

Three long-term, part-time freelance SEO writing positions:

 1) SEO writer to combine older blog posts that have good page ranking. The applicant must have a proven track record with SEO success in the behavioral space. One hundred articles are to be refreshed or combined with one another to produce revitalized content. Requires 2 finalized, hard-hitting SEO posts per week for 50 weeks. 

2) SEO writer to identify and re-write existing, written training content to optimize for SEO. Three topics of 400-800 words need to be re-written to include keywords and phrases weekly. Flexible timeline. Fees based on the number of posts written per week. The applicant must have a proven track record with SEO success in the behavioral space. Requires 2 finalized, hard-hitting SEO posts per week for 50 weeks. 

3) SEO News Writer. Current news outlets must be tracked for telehealth-relevant announcements, then 2-3 SEO-driven articles written per week to disseminate the news to the professional community through TBHI's newsletter, which serves 400,000 professionals. Requires 2-3 finalized, accurate SEO posts of 400-700 per week for 50 weeks. Use of quotes and outgoing links to a variety of resources encouraged. Knowledge of the TBHI blog content and how to link to previous TBHI content with inbound links will be required. These posts are time-sensitive and must be turned in within 24-48 hours of breaking news. Sources can be examined by the writer or TBHI's in-house assistant.

To Apply

Please send a cover explaining your interest, experience, and passion for behavioral health; your expertise in writing about telehealth if any; your SEO writing experience, your weekly availability; required fees; and when you can start.


* Links to three SEO-optimized, behavioral blog posts visible through active websites where website owners will verify your authorship
* Copies any course completion certificates earned for SEO or SEO writing. At least 3 references will be needed for each position after the initial interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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