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Product Marketing Manager / Industry Marketing Strategist - writing...

City: Washington
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

GBR is looking for a Product Marketing Manager / Industry Marketing Strategist, available on a per-project basis as a contractor or a consultant. The right candidate could be considered for part or full-time employment.

In your day to day, as a GBR Industry-Product Marketing Manager, your job is to research and explore the client’s technology product line and the target public sector (government, healthcare, education) market industry segment. The goal is to understand where the client's products fit within that market segment and the related strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of that market position. From there, you create a differentiated value proposition that aligns with the client's over-arching brand, and craft a set of messaging that can be used downstream in marketing and sales enablement efforts. You'll do this through research, analysis, client interviews and working side-by-side with your GBR account lead. You will use tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Google equivalents to pull all of the pieces together. You don’t need to be an expert in those tools, but you definitely should be fluent in some of them (especially PowerPoint). Much of the work is deadline-driven and requires the ability to easily shift mental context from one product/segment to another.

The ideal candidate will be a productive, detail-oriented, and self-motivated professional with experience and skills in researching, assimilating, and analyzing information, composing documents, and presenting data in a clear and concise manner. Strong candidates for the position will be expected to work constructively on their own and with others, contribute ideas, work productively, and at a high level of quality.

Key Responsibilities:

-Monitor industry statistics, trends, and budgets for the IT industry as it relates to Public Sector Government trends and spending.
-Identify and build out targeted storylines (told through blogs, webinars, etc) to advance client POV in the government marketplace
-Develop and maintain a keen understanding of target public sectors, agencies, and market and technology trends and drivers.
-In-depth understanding of hardware, software, and networking technology concepts.
identify unique positioning for technology clients and craft compelling messages across marketing channels (landing page, email campaigns)
-Expert understanding of trends in information technology and how they impact an industry.
-Able to evaluate and track marketing sales and trends.
-Provide research and insight regarding customer/competitor markets; evaluate client competition solutions and prices providing competitive analysis when necessary.
-Collect and analyze data on demographics, preferences, needs, buying habits, and vehicles within U.S. Government Agencies and identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.
-Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically, and translating complex findings when possible.
-Assist in the preparation of reports, presentations, and other projects as needed.


-Bachelors degree in a related field
-Self-starter with the ability to be flexible, learn quickly, and be responsive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
-Background in design and copy-writing is a plus
-Knowledge of standard research methodologies and data analysis techniques.
-Familiar with product marketing tactics (e.g. integrated marketing campaigns)
-Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office Suite.
-Experience with the high tech industry, terms, and technology; knowledge of federal government structure, acronyms, and information is a plus.

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