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Unique Senior Tech - systems / networking - operations job employment

City: Washington
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Systems / Network

Technology support and consulting group seeking an unconventional tech to join our team.

We pride ourselves on being excellent problem solvers, providers of technical expertise and guidance, and dedicated partners in our clients' success.

We are looking for those unique individuals that are - jack of all trades, detailed to the point of being OCD, not willing to live a cubicle existence, won't walk away from a tough problem, will take ownership of issues until they are resolved, believe that technology can and should work to enhance the user's day, constantly looking to improve their skills.

We are not interested in techs that go from contract to contract, have less than 5 years of experience, do not truly understand all of the "skills" listed on their resume, or think that IT is a 9-5 job. If you are part of a team and require input or action by others to complete your day to day assignments, this job is not for you.

If you do not have the skills or experience save us all some time and do not apply!

Required skill set includes:

· 10 years of senior technical experience
· Strong skills and certifications with current Windows OS and Office 365 environments
· Application support experience - desktop to server/cloud-based - Office, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.
· Familiar with developing, supporting, maintaining and improving network infrastructure from desktop to internet - and everything in between
· Understanding of, and basic to advanced skill with, Mac OS X
· Ability to document work and create user/support documentation as needed
· Mature time management skills

Experience, dedication, work ethic, attitude and desire count far more than degree, certification or job title.

We want to hire and retain the best - creative, secure, thorough and driven to excel are traits that define our ideal.

If that describes you then come work with us.

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