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General IT tech needed - systems / networking - operations job...

City: Cleveland
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Systems / Network

We are a well established IT managed services company located in Mentor Ohio and we are looking to hire an additional entry-to intermediate level IT support tech.

***While covid issues linger on, this person will be mainly working from their home until our office can be staffed normally again. ***

This person will be responsible for answering tech calls and responding to tech requests, routine maintenance for customers, and a lot of collaboration with our higher level staff to learn as they go.

This position is primarily 8-5 Monday through Friday however every so often this person may need to work later (or occasionally on the weekends) to resolve an issue. We try to respect our employees' personal time.

This person will be dealing with anything from routine PC/phone troubleshooting to complex network engineering. We do not provide formal training however we do have an extremely talented existing staff that is beyond helpful in on-the-fly training. Some local travel (generally under 50 miles per trip) will be required. You will need a reliable vehicle.

Required skills and experience are as follows:
-At least a basic understanding of TCP/IP and routers and firewalls
-Comprehensive understanding of IP subnets and VLANs
-The ability to follow directions and learn from the higher level techs
-Good conversational skills for communicating with our customers
-Understanding of Active Directory and PC/server/network security
-The ability to be organized and focused in order to complete daily system maintenance tasks
-Proper personal hygiene.
-At least one year of experience in supporting a production IT environment

Finally, here is a general statement about our environment. We are a casual group of talented people that share the common interest of doing a great job for our customers. We care about what you can bring to the table to make our team even better. We are not at all concerned about what tests you passed. Certifications, to us, mean absolutely nothing without the experience to make them valuable. In general, our attire is nice jeans or other pants along with a nice shirt - No ripped jeans or T-Shirts, and no shorts.

Compensation will be $20 hourly for a 30 day probationary period. After the probationary period, a full time salary with benefits will be offered based on the observed value of the individual.

Please do not send in a resume if:
-You are a constant complainer or possess few analytical skills
-You think certifications imply the presence of skills
-You crave that big corporation structure and atmosphere

If you are a quick learning person and think you may fit into our environment, please send in a resume. We look forward to meeting with you.
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