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Academic/Dissertation Consulting Firm - Sales and Client Relations -...

City: Boise
Date: 13 Oct 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

1.) Who we are

We are a medium sized, cloud-based consultancy, founded in 2006, and headquartered in Las Vegas, USA - but with consultants spread across the globe, from Europe to Asia to Africa to South America. While we primarily engage in dissertation consulting for doctoral candidates, our business began as a pure mathematical and statistical consultancy - and problem solving remains at our core. We've been proudly cloud-based and work-from-home since 2010, in the online education industry since 2006, and consider ourselves to be pioneers in our industry. While we have grown over the years, and even were in the Inc 500 list in 2010, we consider ourselves to be a "large family business", and have a very collegial environment - you may be working from home, but you are not working alone - you're a member of a very vibrant and well-structured team that communicates all day via our corporate Slack channels and Google Meet video conferencing systems. The founder of the firm is still actively involved, and several team members have been with us since our initial expansion in 2008.

2.) About the Position

This is a strictly work-from-home 1099/contractor position, and any applicant should view this as a strong incentive. The position has high hour requirements for the first 6-9 months as a new person gets acclimated to the position - 70 hours/per week is normal in this phase. After being fully up-to-speed with the position, product, and responsibilities - the hourly work required should settle into the 55 hour/week range, with occasional times of greater workload due to seasonality or changes in team composition. Note that due to the global nature of our client base, and the timely nature of their requests - this gig requires some availability at nighttime, as well as a 5-6 hour commitment on each weekend... and hence occasional work on weekend nights. The majority of this job will involve email and phone communications with leads and clients, as well as management and oversight of existing analysts. While there is absolutely 0 'cold-calling' of any kind, you will be expected to speak to, and consult with, potential interested clients when they contact the firm. Finally, you need to be able to manage expectations, and build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

3.) Ideal Applicants

The position is ideal for a young, smart graduate (preferably with an advanced degree). We've seen a lot of success from former professional poker players or gamers, or other very analytically minded candidates who can process large amounts of work very efficiently. We've also seen a lot of success from academics, and people with master's degrees in English or similar - people who write well and quickly. This is a great job for a smart/quick person who loves the process of academic research, combined with the extremely fast-paced environment of aggressive sales and high-level project management, and wants to make many outside sacrifices while dedicating the next 5+ years to making and saving money. This is not a work/life balance job. Ideal applicants possess a meticulous nature and an extremely high attention to detail. Excellent command of the English Language - including the ability to type quickly, with perfect grammar, and complex sentence structure - is absolutely essential for this gig. You need to have a very good demeanor - some of our clients can be a bit particular and need some hand-holding. We accept applicants with a Bachelor's Degree or higher, preferably from a good American university. However, most of our consultants have masters or other graduate degrees. It is mandatory to be extremely comfortable with computers/technology, especially with G-Suite functionality (Gmail, Google Sheets, etc). Frankly, this is a great job for a smart young person who likes to spend a lot of time home alone reading and typing on the computer.

4.) Hiring and Training Process

To apply, all applicants must first send a resume/CV and a detailed cover letter explaining why they would be a good fit for the position. After an email exchange and an introductory phone call, we will then require a lengthy written assessment to test your writing and analytical skills, and fit for the position. This assessment takes most candidates 6-10 hours, and they complete it within 2-3 days of receiving it. Upon successful completion of the written assessment, and after a video interview, we would offer the candidate a position. That begins with a 3 week live training session (from October 26-November 13) in Las Vegas, in which you take a series of modules on various aspects of the business - involving our systems, products, services, and strategies. From there, you would commence working the gig from home, and would be in an extended training process for 2-4 more months.

5.) Compensation

Consultants will make a set training period pay of $3,500 for the first 2-4 months, depending on your progress. After that training period, the pay is discretionary and based solely on revenue generation and other quantitative and qualitative metrics of performance - and consultants in our firm over the past several years based in this area have averaged $5,000-$6,000 per month in earnings. To earn those numbers, we fully expect availability outside of normal business hours, and the ability to complete a large workload. If you want an 'easy' or 'relaxing' job, this isn't it. This is a very aggressive, high-pressure environment, with constant push to perform.

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