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Part-time Graphic Designer wanted for special projects - web / html...

City: Washington
Date: 12 Oct 2020
Category: Web / Info Design

Part-time - work from home or dorm $25 / hr


EIN Presswire, Everyone Internet News Presswire™ is one of the fastest-growing press release distribution technology companies in the world. EIN Presswire’s state-of-the-art technology is what gives its clients’news greater reach and visibility with key audiences, and its easy-to-use distribution platform is what clients want -- and get. Equally important, users of news distribution services are more price-sensitive than ever and they also demand results, and EIN Presswire delivers here, too. For these reasons, increasing numbers of small and midsize businesses, public relations firms, government agencies/departments, and non-profit organizations from all over the world are using EIN Presswire over other larger players in the space.

We are looking for part-time team members. Work from home or your dorm. You pick the hours but they must be between Monday - Friday 9 AM EST and 6 PM PST.

Company Highlights:

* Washington DC / Prague Czech Republic
* World-leading media service
* Established 1995

We are looking for an individual who has the following skills:

• Proficiency in services such as Canva company materials for distribution.
• Can create pdf’s from HTML
• Can design elements such as website mastheads, landing pages, and related items.

This position is project-based work and with the possibility of further projects added if pleased with results; Independent Contractor.
This is a gateway position to full-time work and career advancement.


* Be able to work independently.
* Be disciplined enough to stay productive during the time on the clock

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