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Personal Protection Certification - Concealed Carry Weapon Permit -...

City: Washington
Date: 28 Sep 2020
Category: Security

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DC Concealed to Carry Weapon (CCW)
In September of 2017, DC became a shall issue jurisdiction for concealed carry licenses as a result of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit's decision in Wrenn v. District of Columbia and District of Columbia v. Grace.

Washington DC does issue non-resident pistol licenses and the application is exactly the same as a residents application. If you have completed a firearms training course in another state this may exempt you from training in Washington DC, you will need to supply some form of proof to verify the training. Remember that any firearm you plan on carrying in Washington DC will need to be registered in the district.

MD Security Guard Armed
To qualify for a State of Maryland Security Guard Certification, an applicant shall be an individual who is a current employee of, or a current applicant for employment with a licensed security guard agency and be of good moral character and reputation. Applicants must also meet any standards set by the Maryland State Police

MD Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
In this Maryland firearms safety training course, students will receive instruction on firearm safety, handling, Maryland state firearm law, handgun parts and operation, and basic maintenance of a firearm. Additionally, a basic use-of-force lecture will be included. This 4-hour course covers time in the classroom, and live firing on the range.

MD Wear and Carry
Maryland is a may issue state unlike the vast majority of other states in our country. Maryland law requires you to provide a "Good and Substantial" (G&S) reason before issuing an individual a carry permit.
Businesses/Employees with Cash-flow

Do you own or work for a business where you handle funds (cash, checks, or electronic) or other valuables? You might be eligible to carry.

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