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Full Time IT Support Engineer - systems / networking - operations...

City: Cleveland
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: Systems / Network

Job Description
The support engineer’s duties are to provide responsive support onsite and remotely, to perform preventative maintenance tasks (including monthly preventative maintenance reports), to document client settings and changes, and to monitor client system alerts. This person is responsible for providing exceptional service to their assigned clients taking full ownership of support issues and by maintaining adequate response times. The support engineer will also assist the Infrastructure Engineering team as needed for project work. The support engineer may also be asked to research new technologies or ways to optimize current tasks. The support engineer will also be expected to study for and complete examinations in order to achieve technical certifications.

Estimated % of Time, Duty:
40% Provide responsive support onsite and remotely
25% Perform preventative maintenance tasks
10% Document client settings and changes
10% Monitor client system alerts
5% Assist Infrastructure Team with projects
5% Research new technologies or optimizations
5% Study and take tests for technical certifications

To be a “self-starter”.
To be able to quickly learn current systems and processes.
To be able to escalate challenging issues after 30 minutes to 1 hour to the proper team lead or Infrastructure Engineer in order to resolve an issue quicker when a resolution is not in sight.
To work towards continuous improvement for the company and themselves.
To keep confidential all client and company proprietary information.
To make sure that the clients feels that they are being respected and helped in the best manner possible.
To ensure that clients are extremely happy and 100% aware of the status of all requests or service orders.
Education and Skills
Education – Four year college degree focusing on IT or computer systems. Experience and certifications may supplant this requirement.
Experience – One to two years of similar work experience. Education may supplant this requirement.
Interpersonal Skills – Contact with others outside of the company is very common. Professional demeanor and phone oratory skills are required. Good communication, courtesy, ambition, tact, and diplomacy are essential.
Other Skills – Technical certifications from Microsoft/Cisco are recommended. Other technical certifications are also encouraged.

This Job Description is not a complete statement of all duties and responsibilities comprising this position.

Please submit resume with salary requirement.
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