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City: Memphis
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

Do you photograph real estate? Perhaps you work for a real estate photography company already and want to work for yourself?

Well, have we got the best opportunity for you!

Rocket Photo offers you the best kind of job - a job that wants you to be your own boss and stay independent. Rocket Photo is the largest nationwide network of real estate photographers. Think TaskRabbit or Upwork but just for Real Estate Photography jobs.

Rocket Photo works with major brokerages (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices for example) around the country and creates exclusive photography contracts. By signing up with Rocket Photo, your profile will be accessible to agents from these brokerages!

Getting Started
Sign up (hey, it’s free!) - plus, you get free editing (with Premium account)!
Create your profile (also free!) - Determine and set your unique pricing, schedule, and products you want to offer. Then add your profile and cover pictures. Basically create your own real estate photography business in minutes!
Approval - A Rocket Photo rep reviews every photographer.

How does this Job work?
Clients/Agents/Owners search, find your profile, and place an order.
You are first notified of the order, then you confirm, and then you do the shoot.
Upload the files to
When the order is ready, your client pays you through the payment system on Rocket Photo.
After payment, Rocket Photo sends the products to your clients

Rocket Photo gives you (all free):
Invoicing tools
Scheduling and calendar systems
A marketing profile where agents can learn about you
Virtual tours with every order for your clients
Product delivery and storage

Register this month and try Premium for free! What does Premium get you?
50 FREE photo edits
Exclusive Access to partnerships with the country’s largest brokerages
The ability to use Rocket Photo editing without orders through the marketplace
And more!

More job info can be found at
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