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A new creative start up looking to find a "Partner(s) in Crime." -...

City: Maine
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

A Southern Maine based startup looking to find one(1) to two(2) ENTREPRENEUR TYPES with a creative streak that have the passion, ability and availability to drive sales in a tricky COVID economy!
Winter is coming, and covid is poising to shut things down again. I am looking to establish a partnership of sorts with 1 to 2 individuals. Pooling our collective efforts, and expertise, to work an established sales plan that focuses both on local and national/global business possibilities. We will work as a team, and under a currently established, and running, DBA.
Ideally, these COUNTER PARTS, will have 5 or more years of customer facing experience. However, all resumes will be considered if you fall into one or more of the following settings.

Experience in a:

- Marketing Agency
- Graphics Company
- Sign Company
- Print House
- Retail Business
- Being Self Employed
- Call Center
- Sales Department

Interesting job titles...

- Graphic Designer (all levels & types)
- Art Directors
- Account Managers
- Business Owner or Partner
- Channel Salesman/women
- Retail Sales
- Manager or Assistant Manager
- Dedicated Freelancer
This is a position that will mean different things to different people. Ultimately, money is the name of the game, as it is "a job." However, what I am offering has the potential to be much more than "a job."

What I'm offering is:

- A startup environment that has an established business plan, however looking for teammates to take what is established and call it OUR own.
- Interesting product & service offerings
- An office between Portland & Portsmouth that may be available to you 24/7 365.
- Dynamically branded online accounts to start your local, national & global sales efforts off right
- Branded marketing materials (established & day 1 discussion items)
- Established & accommodating national wholesale vendors for greater margins
- Support for YOUR OWN projects and dreams, with advice and AT COST products and services! As well as traditional, and short notice schedule accommodations.
- Local product vendors
- Adobe Creative Suite user/pass
- VOIP Phone system based off O/S Interface
- HubSpot Company & Account Management
- up to 90% Virtual 10% in-person work environment possible
- EXTREMELY flexible & understanding working hours
- Room To Grow!!

**A few other things left for the interview, like the business name**

Compensation is 100% commision++
- 40% of profit (per completed individual in-house sale)
- 30% of profit (per completed individual out of house sale)
- Quarterly & Annual bonus structure (per company sales)
- Targeted in-house goals bonus
- Occasional cash bonuses
- $250 sign on bonus (paid out after 3 months)
- Weekly lunch
- Above perks

However, at the end of the day...You will get what you put in :)
The ideal candidate(s) should have a Graphic Designer portfolio, and a design style that offsets my strengths. Being a designer is not mandatory. In this situation, the candidate will need to have been involved in sales or customer service focused projects/jobs, which left an impression that lends to current business efforts today.
Have you always felt you would never be truly happy...professionally...unless you worked for yourself??
An ENTREPRENEUR by nature...this individual(s) would most likely be a current freelancer or business owner/partner. Being involved in multiple businesses is not a negative here. In fact, as long as you have ample time for this project(at least 15-20hrs./wk.), having experience in multiple businesses is an asset.

Lastly, this job description can easily change...

The projects that would most likely be involved in a week's worth of work to make your own, and the company goals, a reality is the following:

- Local Brand Awareness Projects
- Local Sales Initiatives (networking, ALWAYS WARM lead drop ins, possibly chamber of commerce, etc.)
- National & Global Sales Initiatives (auction and other freelance sites, email marketing, social media marketing, google marketing, etc.)
- Graphic Design work (both company & customer projects)
- Online & In-person networking
- Blog Creation & Postings
- Social Media Postings (day to day & ad)
- Google My Business Account Management
- Online Account Creation & Management (i.e. upwork, fiverr, etc.)
- Online Company Reputation Management
- Vendor Relations

and more...

Now that you get the idea. I look forward to reading over your submissions, and getting to know what brought you to us today. This is a business opportunity, and as such, how do you feel your particular set of skills will lend to the success of this company...ANY COMPANY. Attach any and all materials you feel will give me a good feel of what you are about. As a large part of this role will revolve around an online presence, SELL ME, as you were selling a customer on a website with a social media package ;)


**ANY AND ALL accommodations will be made to put your mind at ease, from a COVID point of view, now and in the future**
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