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Solar Elite | Online Sales | $1,000/Install - technical support -...

City: Los angeles
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: Technical Support

-Work from home Online Sales (Commision)
-Online messenger salesmen (Solar)
-Door to door
(Any and all methods of lead generation)

From a smartphone tablet or computer.

Preffered Experience (But not Required)
Experienced in Sales
Online Customer Service
Experienced in Solar preferred
(Little to no experience required)

$1000 per Install
About 1-2 installs a week
Around $3000-$8,000 a Month
(Part-Time) 3-5 hours a Day

Looking for an experienced Salesmen, preferably someone that knows how the solar market operates, the different solar purchase agreements, Solar Purchases, PPA, Lease ect. Not a must but a major plus.
You will be compensated per acquisition (per install). We will assign you areas and shifts to work and a profile to operate. Online you will seek and acquire leads through messenger, sales pitching to likely prospects through Facebook. You will Lead the customers through the sales process and provide the customer a sales portal to close the deals.

You will be paid per Installation.

You will be paid as soon as the deals are signed and set for installation.
(Typically within 3-4 weeks)

(All other methods of lead generation are accepted too)

Get started Same Day

Work your own hours

Get paid based on performance

After your training you may begin selling solar online.

Ability to Sell Solar
Great communication
Access to Facebook
A new email & Facebook
Okay with commission based pay
Round he clock internet predeed

An easy to start training Manuel & Start up package
The default photo, an alias/name.
Instructions on how to get started
Instructions on how to sell solar online (Manuel)
The sales portal
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