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City: Los angeles
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: legal / paralegal


Are you DEPENDABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, and PROFESSIONAL? Can you cover depositions in Woodland Hills (sitting with deponent)?or anywhere else in So. Cal.?

It seems you have anxiety about where you will find your next client. You often have to worry whether you will get paid by the ones you have. And the hassle of bookkeeping and bill collecting eats up so much time, when all you want to do is the lawyering. You’ve concluded that you suck at marketing and sales and would prefer not to do it at all. Does this sum up what you’re experiencing? We handle the hassles so you just do law and get paid the same day.

SAL shoulders the burden of drumming up business, managing the administration, doing the collections, and handling the headaches so all our appearance attorneys have to do is show up for a hearing, write a report, get paid and cleanly walk away from the case. Each assignment stands alone without any obligation to do any others.

Does this sound like a fit for you? If so, please apply to join our roster of appearance attorneys . We cover all of Southern California and have an immediate need for appearance lawyers to cover hearings and DEPOSITIONS for ALL of L.A. County. You must have at least 3 years of court experience, a clean California Bar card, and a willingness to be professional. The job is easy and hearings typically take less than 5 minutes before a judge. Most of the time consists of waiting in court during which you can work on anything you like. Depositions, of course take much longer.

Our top priority is the prosperity and well being of our appearance attorneys. A close second is our stressed attorney customers who need stand ins in court. We strive for great ethical, professional service, at a fair price. We have a ten year history of doing just that.

Our service has covered courts in Southern California for 10 years and we have a stellar reputation. This is an independent contractor position requiring a W-9. Hearing assignments are offered on a case by case basis. We cover State, Federal, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Family, Civil, Probate, Juvenile, Criminal, Workers Comp, and depositions. Please send resume to apply.
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