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Tutoring students online an in person using a reading software -...

City: Fort lauderdale
Date: 16 Sep 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA
We make a difference in our Most vulnerable communities

Our reading software is taking the country by storm

As covid has wreaked havoc on schools, our company has continued to grow.

Upward mobility at maxscholar is sky high

Are you motivated to make real connections and sell a better future via our online reading intervention tool

Want to change lives?

At maxscholar for eight years we hace lsd an impact. We are a disruptor. Bigger companies wanna buy us. We aren’t for sale. We are growing at 47% despite covid

With all the deals we are getting in school districts across the county every day, this entry level position could turn into something much much more profound and life changing for countless kids at our TUTORING centers and client schools /districts
Two gigs available: distributing flyers to schools and strategic locations . $10 per hour plus 35% commission on software sales. 15% for workbook sales and 10% for training sales.

Second job: tutoring students online and in person. $15-20 per hour

Third job: do online teacher trainings And Facebook / instagram live webinars at $25 per hour

If you get certified , in person training at schools pays $75 an hour plus transport / hospitality costs

But first learn the software please! Fee trial at

Make a demo account and ask me 5 questions or about any of the following topics in our demo:
1- my max: maxreading , maxphonics, maxwords
2- dashboard: reports and data plus admin controls
3- question our algorithms . Try and get a passing score on maxreading or phonics . Check out our reports. View in the dashboard how to administer accounts and assign homework to students and generate reports as well as customiZe the user experience

We offer low prices because we know we have the best product

Homeschool is a huge market now and we want to capture this audience

We will put banners up at schools and are open to marketing proposals

We love guerilla marketing campaigns: flyers, stopping people in streets, whatever you gotta do.

Ideally, we will arrange with a client school to allow us to bring 1000 flyers to the school’s front office who will then distribute evenly to teachers to put it each child’s backpack for mom and dad to see

Maxscholar is used in 300+ schools and has 159,000 annual users

Want to grow with us?

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