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3 Telecom/Networking Techs Needed in Hartford for 6 Cities Nearby -...

City: Hartford
Date: 10 Sep 2020
Category: Systems / Network


Are you currently unemployed or looking for extra income to make up for the economic effects of COVID-19, and have experience in the IT field?

We at TCP/IP Solutions LLC are currently looking for experienced IT technicians nationwide to form our national network of independent contractors.

This position is a W-9/1099 contractor position (make your own schedule [no withholding tax]).

This position pays $38.50 per hour for standard service requests, $70.00 per hour for emergency requests, and $59.50 per hour for after-hours/weekend service requests (depending on skill level/experience).

The ideal candidate will have at least 2+ years of hands on field experience working with a variety of networking equipment, in addition to VoIP/POTS line experience (5+ years for telecom).

The ideal candidate will also be reliable, a team-player, punctual, have a sense of urgency, willing to go the extra mile, have good problem solving/analytical skills, be familiar with industry jargon, have good listening skills, and deliver quality customer service with a smile.

Daily tasks include:
• Troubleshooting/repairing/installing/replacing enterprise phone systems (VoIP/POTS)
• Troubleshooting/repairing/installing/replacing networking appliances and associated OSI Layer 1-7 implementations
• Meeting with local exchange carriers/service vendors to troubleshoot customer premises equipment
• Replacing Uninterruptable Power Supplies (American Power Conversion Smart UPS)
• Troubleshooting/repairing/replacing/installing POS devices (registers, pin-pads, scanners/price checkers, etc) and associated cabled transmission media.
• Detailing services performed to technical support members
• Traveling to sites within a 50-mile area (effectively giving you your own area of operation).

We are specifically looking for technicians with one or more of the following certifications:
BICSI Cabling Certification, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA PenTest+, any Teracom Training Institute Telecommunications Certifications, Cisco Certification Technician (CCT), CCNA, CCNP, or any Cisco certification.
Technician MUST have reliable transportation to and from assignments (no exceptions [will be asked to provide photo ID of front and back of driver’s license]).

Required tools for all networking assignments (ladder may not be necessary every assignment):
Power drill w/ assorted drill-bits
+/- Screwdrivers of varying size
RJ-45 Biscuit Jacks
Spare Cat5e/Catx networking cable (500’ to 1000’ roll)
Cable Stripper (for both Catx and coaxial cable)
Laptop with Administrative Privileges
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Push/Pull Rod
Cable fishing rod
Faceplates for RJ-45/11
Punch-down Pad
66/110-block punch-down tool with blade
LED Port Identifiers
Cable tester or multimeter or time domain reflectometer or cable certifier
Loopback plug
Velcro wraps/zip-ties
Cable soap
Cable comb
Console/rollover cable
Coaxial cable (or affordable access to cable)
BNC couplers
Coaxial crimper
Ladder (A-Frame/extension ladder [8’, 15’, and 20’ if possible])

Tools required for all telecommunications assignments (ladder not required every assignment):
Electrician’s D Snip Scissors
Cable Stripper
Butt-sett (must have)
Tone Generator and probe
Cable tester
66-block/110-block punch down tool
Smart phone with camera
Miscellaneous Materials (spare POTS/Voice Cable, RJ-11s, patch cords, etc.)
Ladder (A-Frame/extension ladder [8’, 15’, and 20’ if possible])

Please email us directly at [email protected] with your resume to be considered for the position, or if you have any questions regarding the specifications of this independent contractor position.

*** NOTE: This position should serve as supplemental income, please continue to work with existing contractors/firms if hired ***

At TCP/IP Solutions, we make I.T work for you and get I.T done!
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