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Drug Rehab Center or Nursing Home Whistleblower-Reward - healthcare...

City: Los angeles
Date: 01 Aug 2020
Category: Medical / Health

We seek two different types of whistleblowers:

Are you one of these types of people?

Type #1. Drug Rehab Center Employee with proof of Medical-Medicaid Over Billing-Fraud:

We seek to hear from an employee of a drug-alcohol rehab center who was proof their employer is over billing Medi-Cal-Medicare for medical treatments that never happened such as providing the patient with suboxone, methadone are other drugs-and or for billing Medi-Cal-Medicare for individual or group counseling sessions that never happened. To be eligible the drug rehab center employee must have seen these types of practices occurring on a significant basis for at least two years and they must still be employed by the facility in the event we need additional information.

Type #2. Nursing Home-Skilled Nursing Facility-CNA-LPN-RN:

We seek to hear from an RN, LPN, CNA employee at a nursing home, skilled nursing facility, rehab center, acute care facility or long term care provider who has proof their current employer is constantly so short-staffed they can never properly take care of their patients. The victims of short staffing include the patients and the taxpayers and there could be significant whistleblower rewards for this type of information. The candidate must have seen the significant short staffing for at least two years-including the last four & a half months with the Coronavirus.

A Temp CNA-LPN or RN might have proof of multiple facilities that are all extremely short staffed-and as such are over-billing Medi-Cal-Medicare.

The whistleblower rewards for this type of information could exceed $100,000+

To be eligible for this whistleblower/insider position---you must still be working at the same facility in the event we need additional specific information about severe short-staffing and or Medicare-Medi-Cal billing fraud.

All Inquiries are Kept Strictly Confidential.

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