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City: Los angeles
Date: 01 Aug 2020
Category: Medical / Health



Heed the call!

We do MULTIPLE full-mouth reconstructions and complex cases per month.

Our clientele are high-end and we deliver literally some of the best dentistry on the planet.

All our work is 100% biomimetic dentistry using holistic materials.

Key points for you:

1. We are die-hard. We're the best and only looking for the best. This is not a joke nor some sugar-coated line generally used when hiring people. I am the office manager and I read 3-5 books per month on sales and marketing. I handle all the marketing, the phones, all the emails, the financing and everything else SINGLE-HANDEDLY. I'm a beast and you better be too.

The doctor flies out of town multiple times per year for advanced training in biomimetic, and our other dental assistant is a dentist (we are looking for a second assistant).

People who are the best, know they are the best and expect a certain respect and level of pay that comes with being the best.

We understand that and want to attract those kinds of people and deliver to you exactly what you want.

We are going to put you through the works and if you survive then you will wind-up with an EXCELLENT paying job in a very fun and low-stress environment.

But if you think it's going to be as easy as a little "chat" to close me and the doctor, you are very sadly mistaken and wasting your time. I can sell ice to an Eskimo and smell BS about 43 miles away.

Yes, it's generally upsetting to have such good smelling powers. Thanks for asking. I spend most of my day trying to forget about it.

We generally work out of only one operatory. You will not be running in-between rooms and our work is one-on-one.

One patient gets 100% of your attention, 100% of the time they are in the chair.

They don't SNEEZE without YOU handing them a tissue instantaneously. 1 second late is a second too long.

2. Biomimetic training is obviously part of the process here. If you have experience working with a biomimetic dentist previously that is a MAJOR plus-point and I strongly recommend you send me your resume.

But, since there's a 99% chance you haven't, it's ok! You will have an opportunity to learn from the best biomimetic dentist on the planet - something some dentists are literally willing to pay to do!

3. You must be VERY GENUINELY FRIENDLY. People are coming in from out of town and spending, often, $65,000+ to get their mouth completely rebuilt. They want a nice, calm, soothing, friendly, fun experience - and we give it to them!

4. The pay will, within a few months, reach $25 per hour. There will also be bonuses that can be achieved as well. We are looking for someone long-term and if you meet and exceed our requirements then your pay will have the ability to reach more than $30 per hour once the Doctor is THRILLED with you and you have shown stability.

Then, eventually, your pay will go above $30/hr with bonuses as well on top of that. But only if you are an absolute ROCK STAR.

5. We work Monday, Fridays and Saturdays and often stay late, sometimes even until as late as 9 PM. You MUST be willing to stay late. We start at around 10 am but you may need to come in a little before that.

6. WHY WORK FULL TIME WHEN YOU CAN WORK PART TIME FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY????!!!! - k'mon let's get real! You know you're the best! You should be spending your week doing what you love to do and chasing your goals! Not stuck in some office! We love that and want to push you towards those goals and allow you to make enough money here part-time to cover your bills.

7. Rarely... and I mean RARELY, will I have you do office work. I may have you call our patients, as you get to know them, to say hi and ask them how they are doing and how their family is, job, children, etc. But it's not an out-bound sales function. It's a "how's it going, good friend?" function. Maybe once a month I will have you do this but I need you to be interested enough in the patients and their lives to be able to, over several months, start remembering and interacting on this level with the patients. This is a VERY intimate office in terms of our relationship to our patients.

You will mainly be having 99.80% your attention on two people: the patient and the doctor - at all times. You give them both EVERYTHING they want as quickly and courteously as possible.

8. If you're sick and tired of the job you're at and the doctor you work for, I understand. Many people are upset about their position and how stressful and ungrateful their doctor and staff are. BUT I NOR MY DOCTOR CARE OR WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT AT ALL.

Please do not call me and tell me about how bad your office is. After you get a whiff of this daisy field (my office), you will have wished you left your job a long time ago.

I'm not trying to steal you away from your boss but your business is your business and if you are THE BEST then you deserve something better.

But if you are delusional and think you deserve something that you haven't earned then I wish you well when the grindstone of life pummels you to bits.


1. Sign up for our simple, patient-focused free holistic dental course at - also look over our website and find something about it that you really like -
2. Email respond to this ad with the subject title: "BIOMIMETIC ROCKS"
3. DO NOT CALL ME - if you only knew how many calls I get your head would spin like Beetlejuice. I'm testing you here, obviously. You need to show me that you can follow simple directions before I'm going to spend precious time on the phone with you.
4. In the email you need to post your resume in the BODY of email - do not attach it. If you can't figure it out then keep trying, this is part of the test.
5. Please use standard "Dear Brandon," at the top of the email and a "Sincerely, (your name)" on the bottom of the email.
6. On the bottom of the email, write "P.S. - " and write there what your favorite thing about the website was.

I honestly doubt many people will follow all my instructions and fully read this ad so if all this seems discouraging, DON'T DESPAIR, you might be my only applicant...

How cool would that be?

It's been fun. Time for me to go back to the Bat-Cave...
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