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OpenAI Trading Bot Development - software / qa / dba / etc - job...

City: Rochester
Date: 01 Aug 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

I'm seeking the qualified developer who is awesome with the exceptional abilities in understanding the AI fundamentals. If you think AI development is fun and exciting, then read on. If not, move on (swipe left).

Contract Pay: $10,000 to $25,000 (MISC-1099) for 2-5 months work - to complete the system.

Programming skills/Experience/Knowledge:
PHP, Python, C, GoProg
Laravel PHP Framework
3rd Party API interface
MySQL Query for Database (we use high-speed database)
Linux (CentOS 8) via SSH
OpenAI with Gym and other modules to aid on the AI based trading system development.

Due to the nature of advanced system design by my company, NDA and IP agreements will need to be signed first before we can discuss further.

Qualified USA based Coder will need to provide the copy of USA passport and driver's license for verification as part of NDA/IP agreements.

The goal for the qualified developer is to be able to work with me directly to develop my own system for my company that will trade based on tech indicators, etc. using the OpenAI technology.

Winning Trade Target: 95% with around 20-50%+ profit/day trading cryptos.

It will be a 2-5 months project. (depending on your skills)

- I own my own servers (located at high end data center located in Silicon Valley, and will plan to build my custom high-speed database server to deal with huge dataset. The coder must be familiar with LINUX/CentOS, and can use command line via SSH as part of the development project. (No cPanel!!!!!!!)
- I'm the developer/trader. I can guide/work with you on developing the OpenAI AI trading system. I will be able to help you on the development progress. Remember, if you have issues or troubles, just ask me..I'll guide you.
2) NDA/IP is required before we can discuss. This project must be kept confidential, and not to share with anyone else.
3) I live in USA Eastern time zone. It means you need to live in USA, not elsewhere. (expats are not welcomed)
4) Please be prepared for the interview, including the code testing/quiz questions on OpenAI/PHP/Python/C programming languages.
5) Provide your references/credentials for my review.
6) Explain to me what you can do to make this project to be successful?
7) Whatsapp is mandatory for communication.
8) Greater Rochester area (remote work/onsite as needed - at office)
9) Contract work - will lead to full time if you are awesome.
10) Reply back with your resume with your phone number, including Whatsapp.
11) ASL/Sign Language would be awesome, but not required.
12) College degree is not required, but it will be helpful.

At last, read Elon Musk's comments about college degrees:
It need to provide your evidence of your exceptional ability in understanding AI.

Remember: Exceeding the goals, you may be hired full time, and may be eligible for huge bonus (up to 6 figures).

The ball is in your court.
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