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Software Development Engineer - software / qa / dba / etc - job...

City: Los angeles
Date: 01 Aug 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

Your Opportunity:

We are an industry leading personal development and coaching company whose mission is to inspire, instruct and ignite people to create and live a life they love. Your opportunity is to join our dynamic, heart-centered, and mission-driven team as a Software-Development-Engineer!

In this role, you will be responsible to lead the development team, review, document and improve systems infrastructure and architecture. You will own the responsibility of all Technology Development and will be an integral contributor in helping the company achieve its goals to reach out to people who want more out of life and to live a life they love living.

The Software-Development-Engineer has 5 strategic focuses:

*Strategic Focus #1: Further the company’s mission by supporting the company in achieving and completing
*Strategic Focus #2: Create a vision for the Development team with clear direction, intention and expectations.
*Strategic Focus #3: Effectively lead and manage front and back-end software developers by prioritizing and
managing team tasks, and assuring team members have all necessary resources to support them.
*Strategic Focus #4: Ensuring open communication between the development team and stakeholders.
*Strategic Focus #5: Assure that development tasks are delivered on-time

Are you the perfect fit? This is a dream-come-true opportunity for you to join a world-class, innovative, fast-growing and fun team focused on empowering people all around the world. Do you have this experience?

*3-5 years experience as a software developer engineer.
*Managing the daily activities of a Development team.
*Conducting code review and assuring quality.
*Delivering Tasks on-time
*Evaluating and selecting the most efficient and cost-effective technologies for the development of Technology
*Establishing and documenting Development best practices and standards, and assuring they are followed.
*Assuring the security and integrity of the information technology systems.
*Being proactive in providing technology solutions to improve the operations for every Department.
*Actively resolving any Technology issues while adhering to company policies and standards
*Access to high speed internet, dedicated and distraction free work space and able to meet all requirements of this
role while working remotely..
*Willing to travel* to events a few times per year to learn about, and engage with our programs, philosophies, and
our clients. Plus, willing to travel for additional professional training, seminars, etc. a few times per year.
(***As travel conditions safely allow. If travel conditions do not allow, events held on location will likely be substituted for virtual events that accomplish the same goals.)

If you answered a resounding YES to ALL of these criteria… then you may be the perfect addition to our world-class team. So, read on..

Position Tactical Focus:
*The Senior Development Engineer will establish technical development policies, systematize and document
procedures, organize, plan, set technical development goals and standards. Training, mentoring and supervising
a team of developers.
*Proactively provide architectural recommendations.
*Serve as an expert development coder, and provide expertise and knowledge to the team.
*Collaborate with Operations to create a set of robust and comprehensive testing processes, guidelines and
*Conduct thorough functional and technical testing to verify that requirements have been met.
*Document and establish standards and procedures for all testing.
*Set up, document and monitor code Release & Deployment Management practices.
*Build redundant backup systems with error reporting, automatic retries where appropriate, and able to handle
heavy workloads in a scalable manner.
*Provide performance metrics of systems and team members to the Director of Technology.
*Be the first point of contact to resolve issues and support requests.
*Manage, assign, and assure resolution of defects, issues, and support requests.
*Maintain a knowledge-base and cross-train team members.

Position Specific Standards:
*Be inspired to live into our company's core values.
*Follow established company SOPs.
*Work hours in alignment within the company’s normal business hours. During these hours, be available on
Slack, Skype and attend meetings.
*Be willing to put forth the time and effort required to deliver work and meet deadlines; even if it requires
working additional hours, occasionally.
*Be punctual and follow procedures for requesting time off.
*Maintain integrity of your work.
*Protect the company’s Intellectual Property by keeping it contained in a secure environment at all times.

Required Technical Skill Set:
*Setup, configuration and system management of CentOS and Ubuntu servers and services.
*Load Balancer (DigitalOcean/HAProxy)
*Monitoring, fault finding and maintenance of servers under heavy load
*Configuration of Apache and Nginx
*MySQL 5.6, MySQL 8.0 including replication

*PHP 5.6, PHP 7
*Laravel, Slim Framework
*Smarty templates
*Automated deployment
*InfusionSoft API
*Zoom API
*Plugin development
*Load balancing of multiple WordPress servers
*Troubleshooting - Ability to identify where a process "breaks", and fix the issue
*Development Management - Strategic thinking of how solutions will best serve the company’s goals and long-term initiatives
*Understanding of queueing systems

*Opportunity to work in a fast-growing, heart-centered business with a mission for helping people create a life
they love living.
*Opportunity to learn and grow through access to personal and professional training programs.
*Work remotely permanently (anywhere with suitable internet connection).
*Opportunity to attend live events and training.
*Health Benefits
*401K Plan
*Paid Holidays
*Paid Time Off
*Light Travel

*This position is a full time, remote, salaried position. Compensation based on experience and qualifications. Pay
range is 83-87K annually with 20% bonus potential.

To Apply:
If you’ve made it this far and you are still thinking, “this is a perfect fit for me”, then you are ready to take the next step…

To apply, send an email to [email protected] introducing yourself. In that email, please attach your resume and submit a cover letter answering these questions:
Why you would be a perfect fit for this position?
Why are you looking for a new position now?

Once we receive the above information from you, we will send you next steps in the interview process.
Thank you for your interest in joining our team!
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