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Data Manager - software / qa / dba / etc - job employment

City: Phoenix
Date: 30 Jul 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

About Us

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation (Rainbow) is a nonprofit organization which provides service-enriched housing programs for residents of rental housing communities throughout the country. Our Salesforce platform originally launched in 2015 and we have 60 users. The position will lead data and technology-related responsibilities revolving around Salesforce data, with the support of one full-time data entry coordinator.

A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, or Computational Mathematics Statistics. Certified Salesforce Administrator encouraged. Apricot experience encouraged.

The primary responsibilities associated with this position are divided into four categories centered around the Rainbow Salesforce platform: data collection, system management, analysis and reporting, and communication.

• Develop processes whereby data is consistently and meticulously collected and stored in cloud-based systems
• Coordinate daily, weekly, and monthly collection from various sources: resident services coordinators, property management, web-based conference platforms, etc.

• Craft vision and provide leadership to the data collection/analysis system
• Manage and organize mass data while maintaining its integrity in cloud-based systems
• Look out for process inefficiencies and adapt the system to changing and expanding needs as they emerge
• Oversee the other technology-related functions such as sign-in tablet forms and processes, Rainbow Resident Portal, and authentication of OnDemand program videos

Analysis and Reporting:
• Understand organizational goals and mission to make operational recommendations based on analyses
• Ensure reports are updated monthly
• Generate dashboards where corporate and leadership may view for reference
• Organize reporting system so it is shared timely to various audiences: corporate, leadership, clients, government entities

• Organize monthly and quarterly web-based meetings with executive leadership
• Present reports to corporate and leadership: process of collection, trends, and recommendations
• Provide patient, consistent, friendly, day-to-day data-related technical support and training to a widely distributed staff

To perform these activities well, a candidate should possess an extraordinarily well-rounded skillset which includes:

Personal Skills:
• Critical thinking and complex problem solving
• Systems analysis
• Attention to detail
• Oral and written communication, ability to describe technical processes to a non-technical audience
• Passion for systems and learning

Academic Skills:
• Advanced mathematics, applied mathematics, reading comprehension, technical writing

Technical Skills:
• Advanced competencies in data analysis systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Excel are required, Tableau and Apricot are encouraged.
• Statistical modeling, data architecture, process analysis, database engineering/management, metadata management, database query construction a plus
• Experience with Form Assembly is a plus
• Comfort with uploads, downloads, VLOOKUPS, and manipulating spreadsheet data

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