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Want a career in IT or Tech? We can help - software / qa / dba / etc...

City: Colorado springs
Date: 13 Jul 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

Begin your career as a Software Engineer,

Want a career instead of a job? Get the right education to land your dream job. Software Engineers are in high demand, and at Kenzie Academy, our team of expert instructors -- from companies like Google, DropBox, and LinkedIn -- have developed an immersive training program to launch your new career in tech.

We believe that you learn best by doing, not by listening to a lecture. You will gain real-world experience and build a portfolio under the guidance of expert instructors. Our twelve-month program will have you job-ready upon graduation.

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What You will learn:

Graduates of this program will have a comprehensive education in software engineering, an established track record of work experience consulting for remote teams, and the skills needed to work as a Software Engineer.

The Software Engineer track is designed to train our students to become skilled coders, while also equipping them with core computer science concepts, which are critical for advancement towards senior roles. The foundation of our curriculum includes learning the necessary coding skills as well as a sufficient understanding of how computers and systems work in order to architect, build, and maintain complex applications.

The primary languages Kenzie Academy teaches are; HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and Python. The choice of languages and technologies is shaped by the current needs of employers.

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