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Video Editor/producer Replace Nick if you can - tv / film / video /...

City: Philadelphia
Date: 30 Jun 2020
Category: TV / Film / Video

I have been posting video opportunities for many years.
People have come and gone none as great as Nick
He lives in Lancaster drives an hour each way and fell in love with my work

a link to my youtube channel

For the past two months, he has set up a dual system to digitalize my over 300 3/4 and VHS tapes
He set up a system to digitize audio tapes that no one has ever head about actualizing human potential

At 73 years old I am creating my legacy project to pass on to the next generation my amazing knowledge and experience over a broad range of human potential techniques

Between now and September I am lining up my ducks to launch a worldwide project to dramatically transform the academic, economic, social and physical development worldwide

We need a video editor to produce short videos about our eclectic services. From high touch to high touch we are on the leading front transforming the development of babies and children worldwide.

Among other things, this will help us to find another 300 families that need a low-cost high quality refurbished laptop or desktop computer.

Promote the amazing learning software we have for kids to learn.

Promote my book

In a few weeks, a friend of mine will be having a newborn baby and we want to produce a short video your baby's first massage.

Help me produce short video's on digital and educational injustice in these trying times.

Hopefully, you know how to produce a video on our software that we can make available to our recipients and others around the world.

We have a large 8000 sq ft building so plenty of room for distancing.

Bonus compensation 10 free Rolfing sessions value $1,500

You must be able to work in our world headquarters in Audubon PA 19403 and be able to start immediately is an IRS approved non-profit organization like the rest of America staying afloat is a challenge.

This will be a full-time opportunity till labor day possibly longer For the next few weeks or so we need a part-time video editor who can deal with material over a broad spectrum.

My job as the President of this organization is to keep us in business through these trying times.

You want to make a difference in the lives of babies and children worldwide

You are a great writer/communicator, an expert at video editing.

You are a fan of alternative therapies

You are open to not only transforming the futures of others but your future as well.

Since you will be working directly with me a little about me

At 73 I should be sitting by the dock of the bay fishing but that would make no difference!

I am a decorated Vietnam Veteran two tours of duty.
During this time I am also working on a book The Path to Every Where and Any Thing Beyond Survivors Guilt a great Vietnam War Story.

An Advanced Certified Rolf Practitioner who has helped over 5,000 men women and children, improve their posture, increase flexibility, become more powerful and confident, and turn stress into energy and vitality.

Published a book beginning to make a worldwide difference

Need your help promoting it around the world (hopefully, you are familiar with all aspects of social media

Mentored over 500 teens and young adults some of them with Asperger’s

Helped transform one of Philadelphia’s most challenged poverty neighborhoods

Created a model 21st century early learning program

Raised a brilliant son

And weathered many, many storms.

You must feel that our mission is essential and feel comfortable working in our headquarters.

Please do not apply if you do not thoroughly view our web pages
This is in my office in Audubon PA
Send resume and links to your work

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