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City: San francisco bay area
Date: 30 Jun 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA

We create Information Technology (IT) experts quickly through a specialized internship program that is a combination of intense learning and challenging experience. Internship participants start with little-to-no experience and exit five months later joining the best in the IT field.

This five-month, high intensity program is the result of a fifteen-year joint effort between Stanford University faculty, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, US Navy, DARPA, Department of Veterans Affairs, and our company – Acuitus. Out of our 900+ participants, over 98% have completed our program to exceptional standards. The graduates of our internship program have transitioned into hundreds of companies including Cisco, PayPal, Amazon, EMC, Palo Alto Networks, Brocade, eBay, Microsoft and Akamai. Many are now in senior-level positions, running teams and responsible for hiring – asking for hundreds more of our experts per year.

Our internships are:
• Full-time, Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm, from home, keeping with the Social Distancing mandates
• Five-month program, starting July 2020 to December 2020

Internship develops experts in:
• Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, tactical and strategic Problem Analysis
• System Administration
• Operating Systems, such as Windows and Linux
• Networks
• Wireless
• Security: Data Encryption, Hashing, PKI, Firewalls, VPNs
• Virtualization / Cloud Computing
• Email Systems
• File Servers, Web Servers
and much more.

Our internships are offered at no cost until you acquire a high-paying job in the field. We only succeed when you succeed.


If you want to do something very different, if you want to start a career and not just get an entry-level job, if you want to learn to see the world the way other experts see the world, reach out to us!

Note: VETERANS will find this program of particular interest because it presents a way to combine the leadership and management experience acquired during your service with technical expertise, which is a particularly valuable combination in high-tech careers.

Applications being accepted now for Monday, July 13, 2020 start date.
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