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City: Savannah / hinesville
Date: 29 Jun 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

Hi. Would you like to write for video games?

If so, contact me on facebook at this profile:
I'm a former SCAD student btw.

I need a script made for an indie game I'm working on-- first a rough draft and then a few more scripts and then the final draft. I am recruiting for this project across many people and you might wind up working with a team of writers at some point but in the beginning stages it will be very one on one fleshing out ideas for this game and tweaking things. I'm offering $100.00 for a rough draft of some dialogue between two characters in the story.

This game is a 2d side scroller RPG set in medieval fantasy country modeled after Germany or Sweden. The story behind the game is a traveler and his caravan are driving through the lands and come upon this city state in which they plan to rob. You play as the bad guy, the traveler. The king of this city greets this traveler and they exchange a few words. The traveler explains he wants to pass through but needs a place to stay for the night. The king is suspicious but ultimately of generous nature (which later turns out to be a huge mistake) and lets him and his crew in the city. The traveler will not rob the city this night but try to stay as long as possible within the city and rob it slowly over the next few years. Prompt: write an exchange of dialogue between the two main characters and invent sub characters in the script if need be but keep attention on the two main characters most of the time and add some foreshadowing to the dialogue to show the reader/viewer/player the king has made a big mistake.

Please PM me on facebook if you have questions or if you would like to turn in a completed prompt in PDF or HTML format. It will take time to read through all the scripts and it will probably two to three weeks from today (6.29.20) that I will let anyone know if they've qualified. Please don't bug me every day if I haven't gotten back to you or I move on to someone else. This will eventually become a team at some point in time.

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