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Full-Time Video Editor with Direct Response marketing experience -...

City: Austin
Date: 22 May 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

Hi there!

We are a direct marketing company, and we're looking for a full-time video editor.


We manage five different brands, each serving different demographics (everything from women's skincare, to men's relationship advice).

Our products are the best in their respective classes, and millions of people see our websites, videos and marketing.

We're a remote team, with staff everywhere from La Jolla to New York City to Tel Aviv.

Everyone here is obsessive about doing great work, and hugely responsive to co-workers and partner agencies.

But we also all make our own schedules, take plenty of time off, and make sure to enjoy our lives!

People who don't last for more than six weeks: coasters, excuse-makers, passive-aggressives, egomaniacs, and that rare class of people who never contribute anything of value, but always seem busy.

Despite many of us not having met face-to-face, our "office" on Slack is upbeat, fun and very respectful. One of these days we'll all finally find ourselves in the same place at the same time, and it will be both strange and awesome.


Right now, our videos range from short YouTube/Facebook/SnapChat ads, to long-form video sales letters.

Production and editing is coordinated by one of the business owners.

Sometimes he edits them himself, sometimes they're edited by agencies or freelancers.

But... we have too many brands, need too much video, and it's time for a full-time editor.


It's hard to overstate this fact!

And to be clear: brand advertising does not equal direct response.

We've worked with editors in the past who've done brand work, and it's never been a fit.

The editor we're looking for has been responsible for producing ads which *drive immediate clicks and sales.*

This editor understands the principles of persuasion, and attention management.

How to hook someone's attention quickly with visuals?

How to make cuts that keep someone focused on the screen?

How to pick the right stock footage or shot, to match the copy?

The right editor obsesses over these things, the same way we obsess over our copy.

If this is you, we can't wait to work with you!

Please submit your reel or examples of your work, and relevant experience, as well as a paragraph or two about why this would be a good fit.

The most convincing thing will be your work, and the most convincing work will make it obvious if you've worked in the field before!


Salary range is $45,000 - $60,000 base, depending on experience.

We can bump that if the first three months are a smashing success.

And if you are truly an all-star, we can consider a higher starting salary.

We cover your healthcare.

Our vacation policy is "unlimited days" as long as you get your work done. People usually take 2-5 weeks off a year.

Thank you!

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