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Engineering Manager - Frontend Apps & Mobile UIs - software / qa /...

City: Austin
Date: 22 May 2020
Category: Software / QA / DBA


Engineering Manager - Frontend Apps & Mobile UIs

Job Label: Engineering Manager - Frontend Apps & Mobile UIs

YOUR OPPORTUNITY (may consider Remote)

You will be a critical member of the engineering team and accountable, responsible, or involved in almost every technical decision related to all front-end apps on mobile and desktop.  You will lead a small dev team and collaborate closely with other engineering teams, DevOps, product, design, support, etc. Your desire to propose and prove that a new solution works better than a current solution will be welcomed. You will have the opportunity to choose most of the technology your team uses.  You will lead the keep vs. replace decisions. If Convo’s future tech stack were a movie, you would be listed as one of the directors in the credits. You will go to sleep every night knowing you are working on a mission. You can enjoy the benefits of a small company, not a startup, that is financially sound and growing. You can come to work and enjoy one of our favorite perks… “You can be you.”  


At Convo, we redefine what it means to give back, we are all about elevating our community to new heights, and this is not possible without people who share the same passion for our culture and identity.


Convo’s mission is to connect humans through universal communication solutions shaped by cultural experiences.  Convo is a Signing-Centric and Deaf-owned company that provides 24/7 video relay services (VRS) and other communication solutions. Convo, which was founded in 2009, has revenues of $20M+ and a team of 300+ members spread across the world. Convo is a self-funded small-business with a growth plan, but not an “IPO or bust” growth plan common to some venture-backed startups.  




Austin, TX (remote considered for near-perfect candidates) 

Convo is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome everyone to our team. If you need accommodations during the application or interview process, please let us know. In your application, please feel free to note which pronouns you prefer.


You have spent 5+ years leading a remote team of 5-10 devs across multiple time zones. Your communication skills (written, verbal, non-verbal) have earned you awards for their clarity, succinctness, and ability to align expectations. You have broad and deep technical knowledge of frontend apps and mobile UIs. You have led more mobile releases (both iOS and Android) than you can remember. You have scars from managing multiple OS generations in production. You know multiple flavors of Agile. You can run daily stand ups in your sleep. You know how to drive technology decisions without an architect at your side. You can lead code reviews and champion coding standards. You have a long track record of delivering. You are comfortable leading in a vacuum at times, but not all the time. You know how to align on a big goal and then go figure out all the small and medium-sized tasks to achieve the goal without much oversight. You know how and when to optimize for speed, quality, or cost. You also know which decisions have significant tradeoffs or downstream impacts that require alignment with other teams.  


  • You know ASL (American Sign Language) and have familiarity with the deaf or hard of hearing community. 

  • You have experience partnering with DevOps and systems teams in the execution of production deployments and adaptations of new functionality

  • You have hands on experience with VOIP technologies

  • You know Unix/Linux especially on SSH, DB connection and script management

  • Most of your software leadership has been with SaaS apps

  • You have built and scaled multiple apps on cloud services (AWS Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, ECS, RDS, etc.)

  • Your tools experience include ALM (JIRA), CI (Bitrise, Jenkins, TeamCity), SCM (Git)

  • You probably stopped coding 50%+ of the time about 5 years ago



You have a bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent industry experience.  You know Unix/Linux. You know multiple languages, frameworks and understand the tradeoffs of Swift vs. Flutter or Objective C vs. React native. You have a decent background in JavaScript.  You likely spent an early part of your career mastering object-oriented programming, design, and algorithm analysis. 


Significant. It will be significant because Convo is entering a new growth stage. Your impact will be focused on the following:  

  1. Lead the Team -  You will run the dev team that builds and optimizes all frontend apps and mobile UIs. You have 100% ownership, accountability, and responsibility.  Everyone will see and feel your impact.   

  2. Determine the Future Tech Stack - The code base for all frontend apps and mobile UIs is 3-4 years old and the whole stack is 7-8 years old.  Some technologies need to be kept and others need to be replaced. You lead the process for making these decisions. 

  3. Delivery - Since you have been building software for a while, you know nothing matters without delivering code that runs and runs well.  The initial focus is on delivery and execution. Later you will need to refine and optimize the process with metrics that focus on quality.  


  • Love helping others and are drawn to a mission-oriented culture

  • Are highly curious, seek out new challenges, and always learning

  • Could have been a software or systems architect 

  • Have a maniacal passion for clean code

  • Shy away from shiny objects

  • Strongly prefer conducting experiments over debating theories


  • Want an office with a Nerf dart room, 24/7 kegerator, and endless swag

  • Prefer a paint-by-numbers kit over a blank canvas 

  • Lack a decent background in JavaScript

  • Strongly prefer to work in-person with your team

  • Are scared of taking ownership and accountability for technical decisions

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