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Telecom/ Low Voltage/Field Tech (NY, NJ & PA) - systems / networking...

City: Philadelphia
Date: 22 May 2020
Category: Systems / Network

We are a Telecom/ Low Voltage Service Company. We provide physical layer support and installations for National Chain Companies. We are based out of Bethlehem, PA and over 30 years in the National industry supporting government and commercial projects. We work with a number of National vendors in all types of industries.

What type of work you may be expected to do?
Coax/Cat6/Cat5e/ Cat3 cable installations/ commercial space. (Drop Ceiling, internal wall, external wall, wire tray, conduit)
Troubleshoot voice and data lines. Must have a working knowledge of commercial grade wiring topologies.
Telephony/ Data circuit extensions.
Network equipment installation (Router, Switch, Hub, Dial Back up Modem, DSL Modem, Network Management Device, Wireless Access Points, CCTV etc.)
Provide connection to network equipment via laptop with Hyper Terminal/ Putty installed, USB to Serial adapter, and various console cables. Once the session is created you will be instructed by NOC tech. (You do not need to know how to configure the equipment, just how to connect to It.) *Project Coordinator will provide support as needed.
Provide onsite physical layer support, while participating in Conference Bridge. You may sit on phone for long periods of time with nothing to do. *Remember -- You are on the clock, don't get frustrated.
Perform site survey per job scope.
Take pictures with MP camera (high quality smart phone pictures are accepted).
Complete an As Built excel workbook and upload to ftp server. *Project Coordinator will provide support.
If you have Fiber Optic installation experience, you could be tasked to install, terminate, and test.
If you have specific phone system experience, you may be tasked to provide onsite phone system support -- to include configuration changes and initial set up.

What we expect from you?
A professional appearance and attitude at all times, while on the job site, and on phone calls.
Once accepting a job you arrive on time and prepared with tools and materials per scope of work description.
You must check in/ out with Project Coordinator.
You must make Project Coordinator aware of any issues that define a change of scope or problem with completion, at the earliest opportunity.
You must turn in signed Vendor work order, company work order, and other requested collateral per scope of work.
You must not attempt to solicit contacts, which you gain via company.

How will you be paid?
Agreed hourly wage and travel to each job
Direct Deposit is available.
Work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Pay is processed the following weeks Wednesday.
Your job collateral must be submitted within 24 hours from job.
All material will be provided to you.
Company vans provided
get dispatched from your home.

If you can agree to the working terms above, email me asap
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