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City: Indianapolis
Date: 22 May 2020
Category: Systems / Network

Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or even 55, at some point in the future you will be 65 years old. One day, you will want to retire. ?You can't work forever. Plus, who wants to?

The sad reality is that many people aged 65 or older are financially destitute. They've worked hard for 30, 40, even 50 years and have nothing to show for it financially. It's heartbreaking, but very common.

The Reality

Here are some stats I found about the elderly on the National Council of Aging website.

One-third of senior households has no money left over each month or is in debt after meeting essential expenses. (Institute on Assets and Social Policy)

In 2013, 61.3% of households headed by an adult aged 60+ had some form of debt. Among senior households with debt, the median total debt was $40,900. (Federal Reserve Board)

Over 25 million Americans aged 60+ are economically insecure-living at or below 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL) ($29,425 per year for a single person). These older adults struggle with rising housing and health care bills, inadequate nutrition, lack of access to transportation, diminished savings, and job loss. For older adults who are above the poverty level, one major adverse life event can change today's realities into tomorrow's troubles.

21% of married Social Security recipients and 43% of single recipients aged 65+ depend on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. (Social Security Administration [SSA], 2016)

More accurate measures of economic well-being-including the Elder IndexT and the Institute on Assets and Social Policy's Senior Financial Stability Index-show millions of older adults struggling to meet their monthly expenses, even though they're not considered "poor" because they live above the FPL.
On average, older women received about $4,500 less annually in Social Security benefits in 2014 than older men due to lower lifetime earnings, time taken off for caregiving, occupational segregation into lower wage work, and other issues. Older women of color fare even worse. (SSA, 2015)

My Thoughts

My takeaway from these statistics is that most people do not plan sufficiently for retirement. They do not have a plan. Or, they do not have the money to properly fund their retirement. Or, they lack the discipline to pay themselves first and save money each month.

Regardless of your age, you really need THREE things to start getting ahead financially.

A Plan - You need some type of game-plan or system you can follow.

Extra Money - You need an extra $200 to $1,000 per month that you can use to invest and pay off debt. This can be done via a side good hustle.

Tax Advantages - By having a home-based business, you can legally leverage some amazing tax deductions that employees do not have. For most families, this alone can save you several thousand dollars per year.

HB Naturals

HB Naturals can be the solution to your financial problems. No, I cannot guarantee your success. Individual results will vary.

But, the company (and our team) offers a simple system you can follow to earn extra money each month and supplement your income.

Plus, by starting your own HB Naturals business, you can start leveraging tax deductions you don't currently have.

I encourage you to reply to this email or give me a call. Let's chat for a few minutes and see if HB Naturals is the right fit for you. I even have a free gift card you can use to save $25 on your first purchase.

On the other hand, if you've already activated your account and are building your business, congratulations! Keep up the good work. Just know I am here to help. Reply to this email with questions or if interested!! Reply by signing up for free membership at the web address or by emailing for more information!!
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