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Work From Home Writer & Editor Needed - Steady Flow of Work -...

City: Tampa bay area
Date: 05 Mar 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

Transcript editor and Search Engine writer for a legal marketing firm (we do websites and content writing for lawyers in every practice area) wanted on an ongoing and part-time basis. Longer term and more full-time opportunities may be available.

Legal experience is not required - just strong writing skills, sharp attention to detail, and a somewhat flexible schedule to complete assignments in a timely manner (some assignments have a turnaround time as quick as within 3 business days).

*Experience writing for search engines (SEO) is preferred, but not required for the right applicant.

Your duties will be as follows:

Editing Duties:
-you would be taking a written document (a verbal interview on a legal topic that has been transcribed from audio to text) and editing it for sentence structure, grammar, spelling, etc. Transcripts are about 6-10 pages long (this includes title pages and table of contents). Transcripts take between 1-1.5 hours to complete.
-you must be able to use common sense to decide which things should be taken out of the transcripts (um's and uh's and those sorts of things). The transcribers literally type out whatever is said in the spoken interview - it is your job to make the text look presentable enough for a professional legal website.

Writing Duties:
-We would either give you about 10 questions with paragraph answers (all on a legal topic) to re-write into your own words (so that it is not plagiarized), or we will give you a several paragraph article to re-write into your own words (so that it is not plagiarized). You would re-write the content and send it back to us.
-There are also assignments where you will need to write on a specific legal topic, and utilize specific key words.

*We project about 6+ transcripts and 4+ podcasts to be sent to you weekly

Pay is $40 per transcript for up to $10 pages, and $3 per page afterwards. Writing assignments are paid on an hour basis of $20/hour, and take between 1-2 hours to complete. You are paid through direct deposit weekly each Friday. You will be paid as an independent contractor (1099 not W2).

To apply, please respond to this ad with your resume AND a 400-word writing sample using this prompt: DUI in your state.

If you qualify, we will send you a few paragraphs of raw transcribed text for you to edit and send back as a sample.

A phone interview will be conducted afterwards for top applicants.

**Applicants who do not follow all instructions will not be considered.
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