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Telecommute Immigration Paralegal - legal/paralegal - job employment

City: Houston
Date: 04 Mar 2020
Category: legal / paralegal

Compensation: Flat fee per case - to be negotiated
Employment type: contract
Telecommuting okay
Work is via internet only, from anywhere.

Seeking paralegal/legal secretary with substantial experience with family-based petitions, including but not limited to: concurrent filing, consular processing, K1 visas, removal of conditions on green card, and waivers.

You set your hours, all work will be via internet, nothing in-person.

Flat fee per case to be arranged: half to start, half on completion, payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

Please note: The experience that is essential for the successful applicant is experience with both USCIS and the State Department - consular processing of K-1 and family IV cases, as well as concurrent filing and waivers. If applicant is a really good paralegal but doesn't have that specific experience, this will not be a good match, and I request that you do not apply. This is for someone who can step into the work immediately and has the experience.

Part-time contract work, remote only. Applicant must have a reliable computer with current antivirus and ability to create, combine and reduce size of PDF files. I will provide Office 365 suite if desired. Must be an excellent speller and typist. I am fair and easy to work with, but I have a lot of responsibility and need the person to be capable, reliable, prompt, and experienced with keeping attorney-client privilege. Foreign language ability is not relevant, but must speak perfect English.

Please do NOT respond with typical resume. Instead, provide responses to these 10 things:

Ballpark estimate of how many of each of the following you have personally handled: (1) I-130, (2) I-485, (3) I-601a, (3) I-589, (4) I-864, and (5) I-129F. Please estimate the number of each of those five categories you have personally done. That's the heart of the application.

In addition please provide (6) if you have a website address or social media handle, please provide them, (7) references - ideally attorney references.

If you have good experience with 1-5, apply even if you are lacking in degree or formal paralegal education. I need someone who has experience with these specific things.

(8) Please include your resume if you have one. (9) Also provide ballpark range of what you would charge for an average family-based case if info and documents are provided to you. Applicant will generally not have client contact - Attorney will provide the information. (10) Please respond on your letterhead if available.

The person who responds to me must be the same person who personally does the forms and uploading - absolutely no subcontracting.

Please prepare your response in 1-10 list fashion. Less interested in how well-formatted it is - I'm interested in the substance of your experience.

This is not full time, this is on as-needed basis. Work is available immediately. Please reply by email, I will respond by email to qualified people and set up a phone or Skype call. Thank you.
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