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Paint Piggy Banks - art / media / design - job employment

City: Philadelphia
Date: 29 Feb 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

An Internet company that paints piggy banks different colors is hiring a part-time painter. Some pigs also need hand-painted personalization. As an extra you can also create original artist piggy banks to sell. Job is available now.

You work from home. You will spray paint and need to allow 24 hours for pig to dry. You package the pig for shipping. Your only requirement is to have happy customers. You do this by shipping within 5-7 business days. Paint with no drips, bare spots, etc. No complaints.
We do not pay by the hour. We pay by the piece. Amount we pay was determined by previous painters.

We recognize that you have not painted piggy banks before. We want someone who will love doing this. You would be personalizing gifts that could last a life time! How much can you make doing this? How do you paint a pig? We provide the pig, paint, shipping boxes and UPS labels. These questions and more will be answered for our potential painter.

An important factor is that you have a good place to paint where fumes won’t bother anyone. Since it’s Philadelphia, the winters are cold. Our current painter found she couldn’t paint for several months – too cold – she was using an unheated shed.

You will also need to drive to pick up inventory in Southampton as needed.

When you respond to this job posting, tell us why this job would be good for you. Explain the location you have that you could spray paint pigs where the fumes would not bother anybody. In Pennsylvania, you have snow – how would your location deal with that?

Map shown in ad is meaningless....since you would work from home.

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