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Earn money guiding outdoor adventures on - skilled...

City: Seattle-tacoma
Date: 25 Feb 2020
Category: Skilled Trade / Craft

Earn money guiding outdoor adventures that you design. You set the price, our team will help you create an adventure page and connect you with customers.

GoOutfitter is a platform where people can find and book outdoor adventures created and led by awesome people like you.

What type of adventures?

GoOutfitter adventures can be any outdoor activity that you are passionate about. From fishing to hiking to stand up paddle-boarding or photography. Our online setup makes it easy for you to design your unique adventure. You can create a guided adventure where you lead people in an activity or teach them something new. Or, you can create a private adventure where you provide access to a location, or gear, or both.

After you create an adventure, you set your own price, and then people can find and book your adventure. You get paid directly by GoOutfitter.

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You can create your adventure in minutes with our simple step by step tool. Once you're up an running, we have tools to help you track your earnings and manage your schedule.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the time commitment for guiding adventures?

You can guide Adventures as often or as little as you want. You can adjust your dates and times on the online platform to find what works best for you and your schedule.

Do I need a business license to guide adventures?

Depending on what is involved in your Adventure you may be required to get a business license. Make sure to check local laws in your area to determine which licenses may be required for your Adventure, especially if there is food, alcohol, or transportation involved.

Can I set a minimum number of guests per Adventure?

Yes, the minimum number of guests you can have for an Adventure is 1.

Can I guide with someone else?

If you want to guide with other people, make sure their name is mentioned on your Adventure listing so that guests know who they’ll be with. They’ll also need to have am verified GoOutfitter profile.

How does GoOutfitter work as a business?

Our mission is to help people earn a living doing what they love and help people get outside more. To run our business we add 10% to the price you set for your adventure. We use that 10% to continually improve our product and promote your adventure to the world.

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