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Wanted: An Accountant Who LOVES Full Cycle Bookkeeping PT Remote Job...

City: Charlotte
Date: 14 Feb 2020
Category: Accounting & Finance

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We are growing our team at Thrive Business Services. We are a virtual 100% cloud-based accounting services company. We work with top-notch CPAs and business coaches who want the best for their clients. And they know we deliver.

We were just featured in an Accounting Today and named one of the top 50 cloud-based accounting firms in North America by HubDoc.

We value the role our clients and referral partners entrust us with and we do not take it lightly.

We consider ourselves High Tech, High Touch. We love cloud-based mobile accounting technology as do our clients. At the same time, we don't hide behind emails. We are high touch in that we talk with our clients via phone, email and screen share video conferencing. You could say, Thrive Business Services is the place where solid accounting fundamentals meet exciting cloud-based technology.

We are a 100% QuickBooks platform company. All of our clients are hosted or use QuickBooks Online; 80% of our client are on QuickBooks Online.

We specialize in streamlining accounting systems and providing an exceptional work product. Our clients experience a high degree of professionalism, certainty, peace of mind, as well as increased productivity and profitability. The clients also experience confidence in their own ability to understand their numbers and their ability to utilize the information to fast forward the growth of their companies.

What does that mean for you? As we said earlier, we are a virtual company. It means that you get to work in the comfort of your own home office while being a part of a team environment. We think this is the best of both worlds.

We are very selective. We want the best you have to offer.

Who is our Ideal Team Member? Who thrives at Team Thrive? Let's describe you.
-You can work for 25-30 hours a week, on a set schedule starting between 10 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday.
- You have experience managing 15-20 clients a week; you love the variety.
- You have at least one year of experience working remotely.
- You have at least 3 years of experience doing full-cycle bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online
-You can easily explain in layman's terms the relationship between the Balance Sheet, the Profit & Loss and the Cash Flow Statement.
- You understand inventory, payroll and how Charts of Accounts are set up for different entities.
- You understand what the client needs and you can anticipate what's ahead.
- You are highly effective in managing your time and meeting recurring deadlines.
- You are committed to having a work/life balance.
- You are an excellent communicator, verbally and written.
- You seek out professional growth opportunities like certifications.
- You have a degree in Accounting or you are an Enrolled Agent or Certified Bookkeeper (we do not do taxes)
- You are coachable.
- You love to learn.

Why Work For Thrive?
- We love our work.
- We honor our clients.
- We value our team.
- We are busy year round and we are growing.

If you see that you could have a future as a member of Team Thrive, go to our website, and submit your application. We are interested in hearing from you.
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