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Tech Sales Online Bootcamp ($60K - $90K) - technical support - job...

City: Sacramento
Date: 03 Feb 2020
Category: Technical Support

There are over 5,000 tech sales job openings in the SF Bay Area.

Flockjay is a tech sales training academy that prepares you to land one of these high paying jobs. You'll pay $0 until you're hired - if you don't get a job, the entire program is free.

Over the course of 12 weeks you'll learn modern sales strategy and tactics from expert instructors. You'll master the actual playbook and tools that effective sales teams really use. More than just theory, you'll practice real selling with startups, and join a community of mentors, classmates, and industry veterans.

Once you graduate we'll even work to help you get hired. We'll revamp your resume and guide you through the interview process. Skip the resume black hole and connect directly with our partner companies looking for Flockjay grads with job ready skills. Our alumni are in high demand: 80% of our graduates receive offers averaging $79K within 60 days.

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Best of all, Flockjay is 100% free until you're hired. We only get paid if you get a job so you'll launch your career debt free.

12 weeks of Expert Training and Job Placement

  • Our next batch begins March 2, 2020

  • Class is Mon-Thurs 5pm-8pm PST

  • 8 weeks of live, 100% online classes, from anywhere

  • 4 weeks of actual sales projects, job interviews and placement

  • Tuition: $0 up-front + 10% of income for one year ($9k maximum total payment)

  • Upfront tuition option: $5k

No prior sales experience or college degree is required. You just have to be motivated, committed, and ready to learn.

See the full curriculum and apply today at


Who is this for?
Flockjay is perfect for anyone looking to break into tech sales, no matter your background, prior experience or education level. We have successful students from all walks of life with backgrounds in customer service, hospitality, retail, and more. We aim to promote diversity and inclusion in our students, hiring partners, and our own staff.

What types of jobs can I land after graduating?
Flockjay graduates are well positioned for entry level sales roles such as SDR (Sales Development Rep) and BDR (Business Development Rep) at large tech companies and smaller startups. Other potential roles include Account Executive, Account Development Representative, Sales Engineer, Market Development Representative, Outbound Representative.

How much money can I make in tech sales after Flockjay?
Our graduates receive offers ranging from $60K to $90K in total compensation. The average package is $79K. Additionally, Flockjay graduates are among the top 25% of performers at their respective companies and are promoted ~6 months faster than their peers.

This sounds too good to be true. Is this real?
Yes, Flockjay is real and there's no catch! See what our graduates say about us on

Is this a full time or part time commitment?
Flockjay is a part time, remote learning program that spans a total of 12 weeks. Classes meet 100% online 4 nights a week, Monday through Thursday from 5PM to 8PM Pacific time. There are also optional office hours and 1 on 1 help sessions.

How much does this cost?
There are two payment options. You can either pay $0 up-front and 10% of total compensation for one year when you earn >$40k, or $5,000 up-front. We only get paid when you land a job!

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