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Exciting Opportunity - Apprentice - Entrepreneur - Events - tv /...

City: Knoxville
Date: 31 Jan 2020
Category: TV / Film / Video

I am looking for an Apprentice, someone with an amazing Imagination, Talent, Creativity, Looking to expand into new territories of Life and Experience, ability to learn quickly, follow directions, A Natural Leader, Good Communication skills, Very Intelligent, Into Playing and Listening to Music, Self & Guided Meditation, Traveling, Working from Home, Setting up Group Stage Shows / Seminars / Workshops, Motivated, Open Minded, Able to Speak in front of large groups on stage or in Seminars / Workshops, and interested in Percentage Based Partnership where Building Knowledge and Experience is more important than material possessions, and yet still interested in making Millions of Dollars over the next 10 years, and a Natural Inventor, Thinker, Day Dreamer.

If you or someone you know has any of the following knowledge or you have an interest in Learning these skills and becoming something greater than who you currently are, building a Legacy, and not a big fan of day-to-day routines, boring dead end jobs, then you may be who I am looking for.

Again, not required, however would be a plus if you are interested or have knowledge in the following areas.

1. Public Speaking /Communication
2. Stage Acting / Stage Shows
3. Seminars / Workshops / Conventions
4. Motivated / Excited / Energetic
5. Computer skills (Win/Mac) (Word /Excel / Powerpoint)
6. Website skills (Wordpress)
7. Unity3D Game design
8. Virtual Reality Design
9. Search Engine Optimization skills
10. Setting up Workshops / Events
11. Meditation experience
12. Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga experience
12. Blender 3D design
13. Adobe Photoshop Design
14. Guided Imagery / Meditation
15. Video production / editing
14. Appearing on Camera
16. Animation / cartoon design
17. Audacity audio design
18. Music experience
19. Piano / Guitar / Synthesizer / other
18. Able to Travel to New York, Boston, New Hampshire, Las Vegas, California, Washington State, Florida, Texas
19. Knowledge of Mind and Body Connection, Limbic system, Parasympathetic, Sympathetic systems
20. Knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming
21. Multiple Programming Languages (PHP, C#, JAVA, HTML, JQuery, CSS)
22. Script writing, Story Boarding, Copywriting
23. Pain and Stress Management using Guided Imagery / Guided Meditation
24. Reiki Energy
25. Qi Gong
26. Enlightenment
27. Perceptions / Cultures / Acceptance of any Religion and any Perception
28. Good Heart, Loving, Caring, Upbeat, Happy, An Amazing Since of Humor
29. Able to work with Children, Teenagers, Adults, Elderly
30. Able to control Unconscious and Conscious states with positive self-talk / Affirmations
31. Familiar with Astrology, Astronomy, Free Soul, Astral Projection
32. Mobile Application development for iPhones and Android
33. Into Movies, TV Shows, Comedies, Action, Drama
34. Photography / Art / Painting
35. Marketing and Sales capabilities

It may sound hard to believe that someone can posses all of the above knowledge / skills, however I assure you, that I am Fully Qualified, Trained, Certified and Experienced in all of the above and have been learning / practicing / performing this knowledge / skills and much more for the past 25 years.

I work for several large professional organizations with over 25 thousand members from all over the world. I am an Entrepreneur working from the comfort of my home, with weekly meetings in multiple cities around Knoxville and looking for someone with similar knowledge / experience / interest in all of the above to allow me to expand my practice / capabilities, share my knowledge, setup stage shows, group workshops / seminars, help more people, manage websites, create animations / cartoons, training videos, virtual reality development, games, mobile apps, travel to different states / cities, help people enjoy life, help change lives for the better, and so much more.

I teach classes in Boston every year on how to create Virtual Reality interfaces, integrate music, relaxation techniques, guided meditation & imagery to help clients with Pain & Stress Relief, Cancer Relief, Fear & Phobias, Weight Management, Bad Habits, End of Life, and much more. I'm about to head to Las Vegas in February to do work in Video production and Training Videos.

I do video recording / Production work / Programming in different languages / Websites / Mobile Apps / Video Productions & Editing / Animations / Games / Virtual Reality Interfaces & Videos / Clinical & Medical Hypnosis / Neuro Linguistic Programming / Reiki Energy Healing / Tai Chi / Wing Chun / Workshops / Seminars / Training / Create Music and much more.

I am looking for a long term Apprentice, Business Partner, I can work with remotely part time or full time, meeting every week or month, and someone who can travel to different locations, help setup Stage Shows, Seminars, Workshops, Greet, Speak on Stage or in front of large groups, Highly Motivated, Excited, and someone with a great imagination, open minded, inventor, thinker, day dreamer, Leader.

So if you or someone you know has interest in all of the above, please let me know by sending me your Resume, a good picture, link to any videos of work done, some good personal or business references.

I will be selecting a couple candidates for a phone and in person interview.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy your Day :)

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