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Experienced transcriptionist needed for periodic overflow work. - writing / editing / translation - job employment

City: Chicago
Date: 14 Jan 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

Experienced transcriptionist needed for periodic overflow work.

The material is typically academic or corporate in nature -- focus groups, meetings, interviews, documentary footage, oral histories, dictations, etc. Typically, ums and uhs are not required, though in certain cases a completely verbatim transcript may be requested.

File formats are MP3, WAV, WMV (video), and occasionally MOV. Experience transcribing and timecoding video is a plus, though not required. The work is very flexible and assignments can be accepted or declined per your schedule.

The rate offered is $63 per hour of recorded material transcribed, prorated to the nearest minute of recorded material transcribed. Payment is made via check or direct deposit.

If interested, please download a brief transcription test via U.S. legal residents with demonstrable transcription experience only, please.


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