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Academic Writer - writing / editing / translation - job employment

City: New york city
Date: 14 Jan 2020
Category: Writing / Editing

Seeking freelance writers with strong academic background and aptitude who speak and write English with native fluency and/or are native English speakers. Write in your area of specialty from your own location. This is a part-time freelance position as an academic ghostwriter offering above industry standard page-rate compensation. Our rates start at $14 per 250-word page with higher rates depending on the degree of difficulty, your level of expertise, and the time allowed to complete the project (starting rates for other US or Canadian firms are around $8-10 per 250 word page).

While we welcome applications from persons of all academic backgrounds (social sciences, humanities, science, etc.), we are especially interested in writers with nursing, public health, health sciences, business, finance and/or economic backgrounds and degrees (including PhD candidates) as well as writers with quantitative skills, science and legal backgrounds. We welcome applications from mature/older writers as well as applications from recent graduates. We are interested in hearing from academic writers who have current or past experience with other academic writing firms, as well as from writers without such experience but who have a strong academic background.

Please be aware that this is a part-time, freelance opportunity, not a full-time position as a statutory employee. (You will be a "1099" independent contractor.) The job provides the opportunity to work at your own location, on your own schedule, and in an area of your own interest and expertise. This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home Moms and Dads, established freelancers seeking an additional income stream, and qualified individuals looking for supplemental income. While it would be unreasonable to suggest that the position affords "unlimited earning potential", it offers ambitious and hard-working writers earnings flexibility and the potential to earn full-time level income.

Have your own writing/research tools; be able to write upper-division university-level academic essays and reports; have a strong academic background; have access to an academic research library and/or online academic databases (e.g., PubMed, Cinahl, EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR); be willing to actually go to an academic library on some occasions; be able to deliver work as formatted Microsoft Word documents; meet deadlines; be able to produce expertly written, well-referenced and plagiarism free documents; be familiar with standard academic citation styles (MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, etc.) and be able to produce documents that comply perfectly with citation style requirements; have or be able to obtain a PayPal account to receive funds; and have a phone number and permanent email at which you can be reliably reached.

Candidates who are most likely to succeed in this position are those who can research (using academic databases and referencing academic journal articles and scholarly books) and write 20-40 pages per week of original (non-plagiarized, non-recycled from your own academic past), properly cited and formatted academic reports.

Prior to beginning work, all writers are required to sign a contract which includes work-for-hire and anti-plagiarism provisions. Evidence of plagiarism in any work a writer produces for us is grounds for immediate termination and voiding of the contract. Prior to being paid for your first project, all writers are required to complete an IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Verification) for our files. In March of each year, if you were paid $600 or more for work you completed for us, you will receive an IRS Form 1099. Please do not use this application as an exercise in creative writing. We will require you to provide verification of your academic credentials. We are interested in good academic writers from all backgrounds and ultimately, the quality of writing trumps the impressiveness of your academic pedigree. Applicants who we feel are well-qualified for the position may be asked to submit an additional brief academic writing sample on a topic of our choosing prior to beginning work.

Respond by email to this ad. Please include in a SINGLE plain text email: 1) a brief cover letter introducing yourself, stating why you are a good candidate for this position, and summarizing your access to academic research databases and/or academic libraries; 2) a plain text resume/summary of your experience and educational background/qualifications; and 3) a brief 500-1200 word sample (may be an extract rather than an entire paper) of your original unpublished academic writing. Please try to submit something that shows your research as well as your writing skills. Writing samples indicating proficiency in the fields of business, management, economics, and/or nursing will attract our preferential attention. Be sure to include your phone number; we will not respond to applications without phone numbers. Do NOT include attachments; respond exactly as indicated.

We will be reviewing applications and contacting potential writers over the next few weeks (and certainly for at least as long as this advertisement is still visible). Due to the anticipated high volume of responses (based on past experience) we regret that we are unable to respond individually to all applicants. Please understand that our initial review process often takes a week or two, depending upon other business demands. If you meet our initial screening process and impress us with your writing sample, we will contact you and ask you to send your verification of academic credentials and to complete a very brief writing assignment on a topic and in a format of our choosing (you will be able to choose from a few options and you will be provided with a style sheet). Qualified applicants who successfully complete this step will be contacted to arrange a time for a telephone interview with the person who will make the final hiring decision.
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