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Researcher - legal/paralegal

City: Guelph
Date: 11 Jan 2020
Category: legal / paralegal

Seeking a law-trained, entrepreneurial individual for a First Nations / Native American Historical and Cultural Preservation Project. You will be working with a Tribal Attorney General.


You must have a college degree.

Preferred Requirements:

A graduate degree, such as an MBA or JD/LL.B, is preferred. An LL.M in First Nations (Canada) / Federal Indian Law (U.S.) is a plus. If you are an enrolled Indian that would be a plus. The U.S. Indian employment preference applies. In this context, “Indian” is a political classification, not a racial classification.


You will be dealing with trial law, provincial law and federal Indian law. You will be involved in cutting edge enterprises under tribal law, particularly in the financial services sector.

You may be involved in preservation of Indian petroglyphs; tracing the history and treaty rights of First Nations and/or Native Americans; providing historical depth for tribal dealings with Canada, the U.S., Ontario and the State of New York; advancing the interests of indigenous populations worldwide; tracing the factual and legislative histories of international treaties; tracing the factual and legislative histories of treaties among several First Nations, Canada and Native American tribes in the United States; drafting grant request proposals for review by others; helping to scout out land purchase opportunities; and providing valuable input to the Tribal Councils of various smaller Native American tribes. You might become part of the staff of a tribal Department of Insurance or the Office of the Attorney General. You might be asked to perform the role of Tribal Secretary / Tribal Council Secretary for one or more First Nations or Native American tribes


This is not a salaried position. If you want to consider it a paid internship or externship, that’s fine. Payment will be on a project-by-project basis upon a set amount per project. You should have other employment and/or be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student. This opportunity can provide supplemental income but should not be relied upon by you as your only source of income. You would be an independent contractor with no benefits.

Respond with cover letter; resume; credit score printout (e.g., from Credit Karma) that you can obtain for free and without me running your credit report; and your desired hourly rate. Also, please respond with your personal email so we don't have to use Craigslist temporary emails.
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