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Do You Know People in Senior Healthcare? $100K? Residual Income Too - healthcare - job employment

City: Orange county
Date: 11 Jan 2020
Category: Medical / Health

Home Safety Advisors sells products to keep seniors in their homes safe and comfortable. Fall Prevention: Grab bars, Walk-in Tubs and Safe Showers. We market many ways. Personal introductions are one of them. Getting referred leads from healthcare professionals is the largest.

If you are in position to influence seniors, or have friends who are, we'd like them to know about us. We want to expand quickly. If you know executives who direct large organizations. please keep reading. You just make the introduction and we handle the rest.
We go meet 1-20 people, talk about our products, how we work with clients, and how referring their patients to us can prevent hundreds of fall accidents. We do this everyday, we're just ready for more.

If you have any other ways to reach groups of seniors or physically challenged, let me know. We’re involved with an organization for Parkinson’s people - RSB.

So, we'll pay you for every sale you initiated. A one-time fee plus a cut of every sale that ever comes from a referral source you made happen - for years. Don't worry, you don't do anything. All referrals come to us and we do all the work. You just make initial introductions and stay as involved as you wish or not.
Relationships you already have will save our company years. And, you'll save some lives just by connecting a few dots.

Everybody wins. 1) Healthcare Providers can refer patients to experts for home safety modifications.
2) Hundreds more seniors get products that change their life. 3) Our company grows. 4) You make a little or a lot of money depending upon connections you bring.

No one is for seniors falling. We all have personal stories of family struggling. People in healthcare like that we specialize in this. This is not a tough sale.

There's no ceiling to your compensation. We can work with large organizations or 100 home health aides or therapists. Could be a $100,000 in a year or a lot more.

DME's - Durable Med Equip Dealers, Homecare companies, Rehabs, Doctor’s offices, Ortho clinics, In-home Nurses or MD’s, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Arthritis, Diabetes, Associations, etc.

Reply please. Tell me your name, phone, email and a little about how you might help us. I'll call you back promptly. Thank you, good luck to us, Dave


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