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BodyGuard Needed - security

City: Comox valley
Date: 09 Jan 2020
Category: Security

Lots of these young man can't " Draw the Line " you know what I mean. Many Many Many of them have come and gone over the years and don't have the " Stopping Power " some of the other much stonger women around here seem to have. Now I know John Zeena seems to date girls like this and she might not remember me. All I know is a lot are smiling and its not funny. Im looking for someone really tough obviously 20-35 female. Now you don't have to follow me around 24/7 but you just have to take serious interest in my safety and ability to go " Anywhere " without prejudice. This seem to evade some more or less ignorant business owners. Now while something like this can get to you over the years I seem to just keep trying. If you think I am interested in eating crap your in the wrong town. I seem to get attacked on occasion and due to my more sensitive optical imaging this can become apparent this is well on camera at some establishments. I guess if you show up for work that would be a bonus but as most these young men have proven none can " Stand " being next to me due to my extraordinary talent to point out the 60 grand in debt the entire town has been awarded till you " Pay me back " for your ignorance. You think Im kidding hun? Grow up take the job seriously lets seal the deal.
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