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Tech Sales Online Bootcamp - up to $90K - technical support - job employment

City: Denver
Date: 08 Jan 2020
Category: Technical Support

There are over 3,000 tech sales job openings in the Denver area.

Flockjay is a tech sales training academy that prepares you to land one of these high paying jobs at the hottest tech companies. Learn part time, 4 nights a week, from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be coached by industry experts, practice real selling with startups, and join a community of mentors and classmates.

Once you graduate we'll even work to help get you hired. Skip the resume black hole and connect directly with our partner tech companies looking for Flockjay grads with job ready skills. Our alumni are in high demand: 90% of our graduates receive offers averaging $79K.

Best of all, Flockjay is 100% free until you're hired. We only get paid if you get a job so you'll launch your career debt free.

No prior sales experience or college degree is required. You just have to be motivated, committed, and ready to learn.

Want to launch your new tech sales career?

Learn more and apply today at:
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