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Free Webinar- Effective use of social media - systems/networking

City: Ottawa-hull-gatineau
Date: 03 Jan 2020
Category: Systems / Network

About 15 months ago, our lives changed.

My career was taken out from under my feet. But things happen for a reason.

I had two choices, give up or get up!

Anyone who knows me, knows my choice.

I got up! And made a choice to better our lives, take control, and set a plan in motion to never be in the same position I found myself in.

I registered for a webinar that has given me the tools and training to be able to help my family.

The ability and confidence to pursue something new.
Turning my mindless scrolling on my feed into a way out of the employee mindset.

A way to have a business of our own, and one that didn’t require us to still be tied to a physical location. We can go anywhere, anytime and still be in touch with our business.

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