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Social Advertising Graphic Designer & Video Editor - art / media / design - job employment

City: Sarasota-bradenton
Date: 03 Jan 2020
Category: Art / Media / Design

Social Advertising Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Do you like to be challenged to innovate and create new ideas, styles and concepts?
Is it important to you that the work you do makes an impact?

Imagine this...

Every morning you wake up, grab your computer, grab your coffee and log into Photoshop or Canva and Slack. No commuting, no shower (unless you REALLY need one), no fancy clothes. Just your brain ready to blast off creativity like the 4th of July.

No two days are ever the same, so you're ready for the adventure that today brings.

You're working with clients all around the globe, helping to shape advertising strategy and drive profits for thought leaders, influencers, New York Times best selling authors, and cool eCommerce companies.

Every day you're learning something new, getting better and better, sharpening your skills and instincts. Collaborating with some of the most talented Facebook and Instagram Ads people in the world.

One day you're working at home, then next at a coffee shop at the base of the mountain, and another from some random spot while you're on a road trip you never had the time to take before.

Each day you give it your all, time FLYING by because things are moving so quickly. Your head hits the pillow each night and you know you're becoming a bad a$$ at this. You start to think about the next killer creative idea you're going to test the next day for that client that you just love working with....

If this sounds incredible to you, then keep reading.

Divine Social is a cutting edge Facebook and Instagram advertising agency that is in major growth mode. Our team works around the country from various locations working with some of the most influential companies that advertise on social media today.

We place a very high value on excellence, over-communication, initiative, trust, family and fun.

We are looking for creative, out of the box thinking talent that can churn out creative assets for our clients.

Ideally, you've had some exposure to Facebook Ads. If not, then you're going to have to be extraordinary in your ability to learn and figure things out...FAST.

We have a very fast pace environment, dictated by client deadlines. You must be able to work independently, although you'll get lots of direction in the beginning, you're not coming to an office every day, so if you think you'd get distracted by being at home and playing with your dog instead of getting s$!t done, then this isn't for you.

If client deadlines, aspect ratios, gif's, editing videos that aren't up to snuff to make them amazing makes your head spin, you'll probably be super unhappy, and we're not interested in creating misery for anyone.

You need to have your own computer, preferably FAST internet (trust us, that will make your life soooo much easier), a web cam, and some place where you can get work done without distraction.

The perfect fit can whip up ad creatives in a flash, can create animated GIF's, edit short "tasty style" videos, edit long and boring videos and make them scroll stopping. You can visually tell a story in any social media format...without words.

Oh and a nice plus is if you dig arts & crafts. No, we're not having recess here...we happen to have one of the biggest arts & crafts companies as our largest client (if you've ever wandered through a Michaels Store, you've seen 'em) and creating for this uber fun brand would be a huge part of your responsibilities.

This is a part time, 1099 contractor (not employee), trial position to start. We don't offer medical or retirement benefits.

If this works out for you and for us, we'd want you to move into a full time roll with us.

We're small and growing and that can come with cool perks/experiences, but also with a lot of work. There may be some weeks where you are working a LOT and others where things are slow. Either way, you'll get paid the same.

If you become the valuable team member we're looking for, you will find yourself rewarded generously.

If all of this fires you up as you read...then you should take the next step.

Go to to read more and take our assessment. It should take you about 10-15 minutes.

If that goes well, we'll be in touch with you for the next part of the process.

We're not necessarily looking for a shiny resume, we're looking for initiative and creativity. We don't care what you tell us, we care what you're going to do.

So let's see what you've got.

Here's the final thing. We DON'T want you to reply to this posting. We want you to go to our site and follow the process. If you reply to this email you'll automatically get deleted because you just showed me that you can't follow detailed instructions. If you read this far and got it right...good for you. That's a good first start!
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