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Grow your freelance/consulting business to $100k+ this year from home - web / html / info design - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 03 Jan 2020
Category: Web / Info Design

Looking for freelancers/consultants that want to work from home and learn to build systems to grow their existing business past $100,000 this year.

We believe in entrepreneurs. We’re a team of successful Edtech entrepreneurs (Co-Founder of Teachable) and 7-figure consultants who believe business education is completely broken. Our mission is to give anyone the ability to start and grow their own online business, regardless of resources or circumstances.

To do this, we’re pioneering a new service model that trains freelancers/consultants to grow their businesses for free -- we only get paid when you reach a significant revenue milestone (ex: $100,000 in new revenue).

Starting in February, we’re opening up spots for 3 high-potential freelancer/consultant in a 3-month part-time program. In the program, you’ll receive daily guidance from experts to grow your business past $100,000 this year.

The program costs $0 to join with no upsells. You will only pay a success fee once you reach $100,000 in new revenue. If you do not reach $100,000 in revenue, you owe us nothing.

To learn more and see if it’s a fit for you, reply to this post with:
1. A description of your freelancing/consulting business.
2. A description of your ideal customers.
3. How much you currently charge for your services.
4. Have you incorporated yet? (Yes/No and what type of entity? ex: LLC, etc).
5. Link to your Linkedin profile or professional website if applicable.
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