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Expert model builder needed to select and build 1/32 aircraft models - skilled trades / artisan - job employment

City: San francisco bay area
Date: 01 Dec 2019
Category: Skilled Trade / Craft

Hi, I am an independent filmmaker in the Bay Area. I am in the planning stages of a feature film involving an air war. The vast majority of the footage will be shot on a green screen; therefore, scale models appear to be the desired approach. I need to hire a consultant/model builder to select and build multiple 1/32 scale kits, such as the Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle ( I'm not tied to that kit, but it meets all of my requirements. I chose 1/32 because we are planning on filming in 8K resolution, and we need extreme detail to make that look convincing. There may be as many as ten highly detailed aircraft kits, ranging from a F-15C and F-15E to Air Force One, plus a few MiG's. Several of these will be "hero" models that have the most detail for closer shots.

Send some examples of your best work plus any relevant qualifications and experience, and indicate your hourly, daily, and/or per-kit rate. Thank you.
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