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Audio Engineer Needed ASAP - art / media / design - job employment

City: San diego
Date: 01 Dec 2019
Category: Art / Media / Design

Payment would be under the table. $15/h no tax on your money.

Recording studio 696 sqft in San Diego Miramar. 6ft x 6ft double layered isolation booth. Manley Cardiod mic. Avalon 737 pre amp. Apogee I/O. Linked into Protools with many plugins (Antares autotuned, CLA - 76, etc)

Lounge room with 3 seater leather couch, leather L - couch, a 55" uhd flatscreen, and an Xbox One with many games (2K20, UFC 3, Modern Warfare, etc)

Restroom is included in the studio as well.

Looking for an audio engineer capable of working all hardware and software listed above.
Must be fast working and in sync with todays genre of music.
Audio engineer must be in control of the session.
Audio engineer must not only track the vocal but mix the vocal as well.

If you are interested in renting the studio ($30,000 of equipment) for your own clients and setting your own rates, you can rent the studio out for :
1 month lease : $5000/m
2 month lease : $4000/m
3 month lease : $3200/m
(My clients would then be your clients, if you rent from me)

Text me if you are interested in working for me at $15/h under the table, or renting from me for as low as $3200/m
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